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Full Version: My 5600 Seems To Be Dead.
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Mick Dee

Recently the battery on my 5600 appeared to be discharging very quickly (about 5 minutes). The battery indicator showed the battery level dropping rapidly - and after about 5 minutes it would turn off (seemingly because of a flat battery). Eventually the Zaurus stopped altogether. Naturally I assumed the battery was bad. But the Zaurus will not turn on even with AC plugged in - I cant even get the diagnostic menu (you know, the one you get by holding down "On" and "OK" at the same time).

I've tried charging the battery in the unit. The battery charging light comes on when the AC is plugged in (regardless of whether or not the battery is actually in the unit). I left it charging overnight. The charging light was still on, but the Zaurus still will not turn on.

Any ideas?
Any know where I can get a Zaurus repaired in Australia? (If it is indeed broken).

Mick Dee.
Look at the posts on Modding Camera Batteries to fit in a Zaurus.
There's you're answer!
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