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Full Version: 3.3.6-pre1 experience
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First the problem - it doesn't sync with multisync. I upgraded and tried to sync. The sync process hangs on "trying to connect to second client". Is there anything in 3.3.6 that would lead to this? I will also take this to the multisync group; it may be a new pair issue.

I am experimenting with 3.3.6-pre1. So far it is very good and seems solid. It is quite robust. Much of the suspend-resume softness in 3.3.5 has been repaired. This is definatly a step forward; some things that are tested are:

ssh works nicely
mount of a remote filesystem works
load of a remote package works
there was softness in loading a cf card, it required a reboot

It does not seem to have the vnc package set in the package list. Is this planned?

Last time I checked i had problems compiling vnc with gcc3 and wasn't motivated to fix that.
update on hotplug and bluez question ??

Hotplug or resume seems to have a bug. The Zaurus does not seem to recognize either plug-in cards or network connecttions from a restore. After a boot they seem fine.

What is the status of bluez ?? I can't seem to find the hci tools package ??
The bluetooth patches are in the kernel for the c7x0, but not in the 5500/5000 kernel - they didn't apply cleanly and I didn't have time to look into it. Someone could do this. Also, the user land bluetooth application (e.g. hci tools) would need to be upgraded. Best would be to port them from the old buildroot to OE.

As for the hotplug oddities - I can't find any in 3.3.6-pre1 w/ gcc3.
Please point me to the kernel patchs I will see if I can manage it; if not I will let you know.

You are correct about hotplug cards; the cards are found. This issue is USB. With the 3 release and the ZAURUS in the cradle if I unpluged the USB line and re-installed it the usb connection would come back up between Zaurus and a host. Now the only way I have found to re-initialize a usb connection is to reboot. The issue is on resume in the cradle usbd0 does not seem to come up. How can that be re-scaned? Where is the resume script??

Also, when usb is up it seems to replace localhost.

The bluetooth kernel patch is @
That USB problem needs a serious debugging session... personally, I don't know anything about USB, but I'll gladly incorporate patches against hotplug, usbdmonitor or apmd.
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