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Full Version: Pdaxrom Size?
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Admittedly I haven't installed it yet, but what are the size requirements to run pdaXrom? I saw the install docs listing 50-55mb on the user space (which is fine since we have 128mb on the 860). But what about other apps?
Are people storing things on sd? If you want to install xmms, mplayer, firefox/konqueror, and the gtk and qt libs to use things, just how large does this get? What if you need to install other things to allow running qpe apps?

Or in general, this could just be a poll of how much space are you using, how are you using it (internal, sd, cf, etc), and what do you keep installed to let it happen.

Thanks! You're making a future pdaXrom user a tad more informed =)

i have a c750
the rom takes most of the room.
so i use a sd card (kingston) with a ext3 format.
and have loaded all my apps to that, works great for me.
hi !

Same thing here on my c750. Yet, when i used Ashley's script (with RC3) that gives a single root partition and no /home partition, i had 12mo more. As this script will be included in next RC, i will have 58mo available for progs in the internal memory and you will have something near 128 Mo.

as far as i can remember, About 37 mo was needed at installation for RC5. Now i use 44mo in the internal memory.

But a minimal version is also released with only an X server, so i guess this version should use around 10mo... You will have to add whatever you want.

but all of this needs confirmation.
I can't remember the original size, but I feel I have plenty of room on my 860. But I did use the utility in the installer (not immediately obvious, but it is there) to increase the root partition to 121 mb.

I guess that hardened linux people would know how to install things and put them where they want, but I find that just having one root partition makes life simple.

Anyway, don't think there are worries about size on a 860.

Hope you have fun with the pdaXrom.
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