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Full Version: Scilab/octave/maxima Progress?
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With the recent Slashdot article about open-source mathematics programs, my interest in getting a good CAS for my Zaurus is once again quite high.

The commercial software available just doesn't seem to cut it. Searching through the threads here, I noticed there was a bit of work done on Maxima (by lardman), but things just seemed to drop off a few months ago. Right now, it's console-only, which makes use a bit more complicated for quick calculations. If someone could get Texmacs working under Qt, and get some nice little function-entry toolbars (a la Mathematica / Maple) to speed input (and allow use in non-clamshell mode), it would be pretty nice. Problem is, my Linux skills are weak, and my knowledge of compiling stuff is even weaker. I'm sure many other people are interested in a good CAS for thier Zaurus, and there are definately enough talented people around here to work out any issues in porting. To me, this would be a killer app to have in school. Sometimes the TI-89 doesn't cut it, and a workstation with Mathematica is too far away or impractical to use.

Scilab would also be a killer app; Octave is nice too, but a working Scilab would nearly preclude the need for it. Even though I use Cacko right now, I would have no problem switching to pdaXrom to run any of these programs with a nice graphical environment.

Last I heard, "cgillot" got xmaxima working working under pdaXrom, but no instructions for compiling or .ipks have appeared yet.
I had a look at SciLab a long while back (there's a post in the pdaXrom forum about compiling it). I may have another look once I've got R added to OE (I have the main part compiling, but the libraries/packages don't like being compiled very much).

I also can't claim responsibility for Maxima, that was someone else's work iirc.

Another thing to look at is Xcas/giac:

Xcas is pretty nice, but it pales in comparison to what Maxima could do. Since it really shouldn't be all that hard (albeit a lot of work) to get Maxima/Scilab working, it seems disappointing to settle for less than the best (and getting the best was the whole reason I got the Zaurus). If I knew what I were doing, I'd definately work on this now that I'm on winter break from school, but I just don't have the skills necessary. Do you have any of your Zaurus binaries for Maxima and Scilab? I seemed to have misplaced the ones I've used in the past.

you can get maxima here

QUOTE(tovarish @ Jan 10 2005, 10:30 AM)

I downloaded this into cacko (1.22) and running the recommended command:

$ ./ -M maxima-clisp.mem

results in segfault. This probably has something to do with ncurses (page you referenced mentiones special ncurses that is needed during building - but it's not clear to me what should be needed for run-time - the instructions seem to say that the above two files which are in the zipped package is all that is needed).
i have compiled the latest version of maxima and an updated version of clisp and given it to people to upload. this version seems to work well in my c860 cacko 1.22.

hopefully you will be able to enjoy it soon


Has anyone complied a version of octave 2.1 (or know where I can down load one) which will run on a zaurus C1000, using sharps rom?

Thank you,

I presume you mean Octave 2.1.x

Octave is in OE (v2.1.63 iirc, I'll update it to .71 now) and 2.9.3 also builds and runs fine.

You can, so I understand, use OE to build for the Sharp 'ROM', so this may be the best way to go for you unless you can create a GCC 3.xx toolchain with FORTRAN support.

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