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Full Version: Setting Up Wireless Network On Openzauru
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I'm new to this and i'm reflashing my Z with openzarus (because i don't know anyother good rom) but i cant make my wireless network work, from what i have read i must modprobe p80211 but i dont think thats the way all you guys are using it, i'm trying opie and gpe and in either one i know how to make the gui work properly, any help would be appreciated
I fumbled my way through getting it to work on both. I've reverted back to the sharp rom for now though, as it does everything I need.

In opie, set the wireless interface to come up automatically in the gui, reboot, then there should be all the options to set it up available within the gui, including scanning for APs.

In gpe, as root type "ifup wlan0" and then you should be able to get it to work from the gui. You will need to bring the interface up each time you reboot your zaurus.

I was not able to get WEP working with either of them, which was the biggest reason I have for going back to the sharp rom. I also had a lot of problems with suspend not functioning properly.

There are some more threads about this in the openzaurus forum, so if this doesn't help, you can check there.
In case anyone looks here for help.

The latest README attached to the 6000 OZ3.5.2 download ( of course) gives good instructions for setting up wireless. This worked fine for me using WEP as well. In fact it behaves better than my SL5500 with D-Link CF card. Note: Heed the advice to avoid the GUI setup though as that seems to throw a spanner in the works. The only slight issue I've had, and it may well be down to my Belkin wireless bridge, is an occasional slow response when requesting a new lease. At the moment I have to bring up the interface manually but that is just my laziness, after a reboot, fire up a console and type 'ifup wlan0', the udhcpc call gives up, goes into background after 3 attempts, and never seems to recover. If this occurs simply type 'ifdown wlan0' and repeat the ifup, it normally takes less than 3 attempts to get the lease.

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