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Full Version: Wellenreiter and GPS
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Is anyone using Wellenreiter with a GPS right now. I have both boxes checked under Sniffer - Configure - GPS, but I get -1.00 / -1.00 for any location/hit.

My gps (DigiTravler) is working with qpegps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm using OZ 3.3.3.

You need to start gpsd manually. Automatic start doesn't work yet.
Thanks Mickey.

I have gotten it running, but I am having a strange problem with my latitude. It seems to be droping the 1s place, what I should get is this:

40.46 / -94.78

But what I actually get is this:

4.46 / -94.78

I have only tried it from one location at this point, so it could have something to do with having 0 in the 1s place. (note: I changed the longitude in the example, because it seem kind of weird to give the exact location of my home :shock: ) Any thoughts?
Sorry, that last post was me.

I release 1.0.3 soon which displays GPS data in the more common UMS format. If the error still occurs to you in 1.0.3, then we need to gather more debugging data.
OK, thanks. I'll keep my eyes open for the new release and will let you know. Regardless, I'm really impressed that you have gotten this far with the GPS capture; nice work!
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