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Can't take the suspense waiting for the new ROM so started playing around with fvwm on the Z and it's pretty awesome ...

Some quick hacks for anybody that wants to play with it (far too rough for an ipk yet):
NB I have the following installed:
- fvwm_2.5.10_armv5tel.ipk
- pdaxrom-fvwm_0.2_armv5tel.ipk
- rox_2.1.3_armv5tel.ipk

1) attached is a file called (python), put in /usr/local/bin and make it executable, then
in your .fvwm2rc just after the "read pdaxrom_menu" bit add the following:

AddToFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
+ I PipeRead " '$0'"

AddToMenu MenuFvwmRoot MissingSubmenuFunction FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
+ "" Nop
+ "Home Directory" Popup $[HOME]
+ "Root" Popup "/"

BusyCursor DynamicMenu True

This will give you a dynamic menu where you can browse the filesystem! Selecting a menu item will run rox on that file/directory. If it's a directory it just opens it in rox, if it's a file rox will launch whatever application you've configured as the default action for that mime type. Rox can be a little slow to kick in and I haven't put a wait cursor in yet so have a little patience.

2) Something else to play with - fvwm is compiled with stoke support. As an example try the following:

Add to youre .fvwm2rc:

Mouse 1 R N StrokeFunc DrawMotion FeedBack
Stroke 753 0 R N WindowList

Key XF86Clear A A All Iconify True
This will make the "*" screen key (bottom right of screen) iconify all the apps and expose the desktop.

Strokes on the desktop with the stylus are interpreted by strokelib. The stroke command above just defines one stroke (nothing exciting at the moment) a diagonal line from the bottom left to the top right will bring up a list of active applications.

It might be possible to make the stroke commands more usable (by not having to iconify everything first) but this will require a hack of the fvwm source, which I'm looking at.

3) I'malso lookin at setting up fvwm to maximise the use of screen real-estate but have run into some problems. As soon as I fix them I'll consider packaging all the above into an ipk

comments welcome

have fun

Nice work alexei!!

Now I can use your browsing function to navigate to mp3 files and launch xmms by selecting that file smile.gif . Next I'm going to try associating a mplayer launching script to avi & mpg files so I can do the same with movies.

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Ok, after playing with this for awhile, I'm wondering if it'd be possible to modify your python script to print out a file list of a specific directory rather than open Rox. I've had to install Rox on my SD as my 750 has no room in flash memory, so Rox is VERY slow to start.

I was hoping to have a similar function to one found in traviso's config where the popup menu lists my mp3 or video directory, then selecting a file name plays the file

#### Browse Audio/Video Directory
DestroyFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
AddToFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
+ I PipeRead 'case "$0" in \
       "$[fvwm_video_path]"*) myexec="$[fvwm_video_exec]" mypng=icons/globes/video.png;; \
       "$[fvwm_audio_path]"*) myexec="$[fvwm_audio_exec]" mypng=icons/globes/audio.png;; \
   esac; \
   fvwm-menu-directory --icon-title icons/globes/folder.png --icon-file ${mypng:-icons/globes/folder.png} \
   --icon-dir icons/globes/folder.png --dir "$0" --exec-t="^${myexec:-gvim} *" \
   --exec-file "^${myexec:-gvim}"'

DestroyMenu MenuMultimedia
AddToMenu MenuMultimedia
+ MissingSubmenuFunction FuncFvwmMenuDirectory
+   "Browse : &Videos"%icons/globes/folder.png%  Popup $[fvwm_video_path]
+   "Browse : &Music"%icons/globes/folder.png% Popup $[fvwm_audio_path]

The above function requires
to work but it is written in perl and hence won't run on pdaXrom. Could your python script be modified to do the same function as the fvwm-menu-directory perl script?

Something to ponder as we wait for the RC7 wink.gif

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