I managed to get MySQL to run on the 6000 without changing the userid to root - it runs under the id daemon. It's been a lot of trial and error but here's how I think I did it.

I wanted to store my databases on SD so I created the directory 'mysql' on sd.
mkdir /mnt/card/mysql

To tell MySQL that the database storage area is in this new directory, edit the file /etc/mysql/my.cnf and comment out the old 'datadir' line and add a new one.
datadir         = /mnt/card/mysql      
#datadir                = /var/lib/mysql

Go to the /mnt/card/mysql directory. All databases are stored in this directory as subdirectories. You need to set up the 'mysql' control database here too and copy the contents from the original install location. The tables in this database control the actual running of MySQL. You have to change the ownership of the new directories to the userid & group of 'daemon'.
cd /mnt/card/mysql
mkdir mysql
cp /var/lib/mysql/mysql/* mysql/
cd ..       <== this should put you at /mnt/card
chown -R daemon:daemon mysql/

As root, start the database management system:

Any messages should go to /var/log/mysql.err

To stop the database management system: