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Full Version: Browser Problems With Xfce4
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Hi All,

I am having a few problems with getting browsers to work under rc5 with xfce4. I had dillo on as part of the original install, and it was working fine, but I took it off, then when I reinstalled it it wouldn't work under either the default windows manager or xfce4. When you put a url in it crashes, so I ran it from the terminal and got the following error:

dillo: relocation error: dillo: undefined symbol:__udivsi3

Minimo works fine under the default windows manager, but under xfce4 the font size in the pages is unreadably small- about 0.5mm high on the screen (whatever point size that is).

And Konqueror jut doesn't seem to do anything at all, under either windows manager. I type in the url, and nothing happens. No error in the terminal, nothing.


the dillo error is probably due to the fact that you didn't install the correct ipkg.
you should install the one comming from the rc5 feed :


(If you did install from this feed, then maybe the ipk in the feed is not the right one)
Thanks pgas, that resolved the dillo problem.


got a new problem now. I'm trying to use dillo to view phpMyAdmin (v2.5.3) and in one page in particular I should have a text box to allow me to browse to a text file (for running queries) and the box simply isn't there. Is that something to do with whether or not file uploads are allowed, or is it a rendering issue? I'm stuck

I fear phpMyAdmin uses javascript... dillo doesn't support it
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