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Full Version: Ratoc Usb Host
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I have the vague understanding that the virtual floating point stuff in the latest pdaXrom kernel prevents the driver from working. The hoopy frood who provides the binary driver here doesn't make the source code available. I've e-mailed him to ask if there's any possibility of his providing an updated version we can use or, failing that, of his sharing the source code so we can try and recompile it. So far, I've received no response from him.

So far, all of the references I've been able to find about using the CFU1 with Linux refer to the above website / driver. I've not found any source code at all.

The Ratoc website refers to this fellow's website, as well.

Is the binary driver really the only possible way to use the Ratoc card (short of trying to hack together a new driver ourselves)?

Is there any way we can get modern pdaXrom distros to work with the binary driver?

How many people have the Ratoc card?
Here's one additional data point: this website has a link to a different ipk-packaged driver for the CFU1, this one for iPaq Linux. Is this a different binary, or just a different package? I don't know yet...
We are looking into it..
Well, I guess I can't ask for any more than that!

The USB host is essential for several applications of my Zaurus, so I sure hope it can be worked out. I'll continue to poke around online on the offchance that I can find some helpful info or some such.
g33k, you haven't looked thoroughly enough...

Here is the source code for the driver:

Here is the C7x0/C860 patch for USB keyboard mappngs:
blink.gif Well, I certainly feel like an idiot.

I greatly look forward to playing with that! If I can get USB working again, I will be one happy camper! Thanks!
QUOTE(maslovsky @ Dec 21 2004, 09:27 AM)
g33k, you haven't looked thoroughly enough...

I haven't found link to source on the project's page too. smile.gif

But now I expect fixed host driver and tinyX' support for user-defined pointer devices in nearest pdaxrom release. smile.gif
Could anyone with this ratoc usb card please contact me for testing :-)
QUOTE(Laze @ Dec 22 2004, 05:24 AM)
Could anyone with this ratoc usb card please contact me for testing :-)

Oh, how I wish I had a ratoc USB card so I could test RC7 ph34r.gif ...
Has anyone made any progress with this yet?

The most clever Linux guy I know spent a few hours with it last week before giving up in frustration. I'm getting desperate. I'm prepared to bribe someone if necessary...
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