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Full Version: Smbmount Ipk
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This is one of those "I really should clean this up so it's not so embarassing" package jobs, but I wanted to share.

This package includes smbmnt, smbmount, smbumount, libsmbclient, the desktop entry and an icon.

I've decided, in the best interest of my laziness, to have to edit the script to include "Your" information rather than having 3-4 more dialog boxes.

It really wouldnt be a problem to include them, I just havent found a way to make options "remember" (so you'd still have to edit the script).

For now, edit /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/ and put if the name of your share for SHARE and change the ip's in the SMBSERVER line. AND (sorry) change your username at the bottom.


#is /mnt/net already in use?
if [ ` df | grep net | cut -c 57-64 ` != "" ]; then
       opie-sh -t "Umount?"  -m -M "Unmount /mnt/net?" -g -0 Yes -1 No
       0) smbumount /mnt/net; exit;;
       1) exit;;

SMBSERVER=` ( echo; echo ) \
| opie-sh -i -L "SMB IP=" -t "SMBmount" -E -l -F -g`
if [ $SMBSERVER = ]; then
smbmount //$SMBSERVER/$SHARE /mnt/net -o username=nobody,password=
zipped ipk (in case the attached file doesnt work)
found a good source for both smbmount and smbclient:
What exactly is this script for? To mount shares from your pc onto the zaurus?
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