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Full Version: Z Is Dead, Wrong Polarity Ii
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Hi all

I'm back with my dead Z, due to a wrong polarity power suppling...
I've had it back from a repairer who said he could do nothing. He said he found a component producing a lot of heat on one of the Z pcbs too; so I've decided to take a look inside....

Here's the results after some testing:

1) once connected to it's power supply (with RIGHT polarity) the Z puts only 1,5-2V on the batteries connectors (about 2,2 on the botton battery, and about 1,5 on the standard battery)

2) there is in fact a over-heating component but I cannot say for sure which one, since I tested it with my finger from the back of the pcb....

I'm attaching a photo. the damaged component should be one of the pieces labelled "A106" (or "901V"?) or the little one on their's left (labelled "B" or "13" or "Ei"?)

any ideas?

tx a lot and bye
Even if you (seem to) fix the power supply (which is already a daunting task without schematics), you don't know what other components by have been damaged short of smoking: you could wind up with a Z that is unreliable, or fails again soon.

My advice would be to find a Z with a broken screen, and do a "brain transplant", instead of trying to fix your current motherboard.

What's the harm in trying? Obviously in its current sate your Z isn't useful. Give it a try and if it works so much the better, if not no loss.

more than likely you fried a diode So I would start by identifying the components and their functions.

Or if you are desperate you can send it to sharp and have it repaired for $100-200
any has the knowledge to identify these components?
I have the same trouble as you with my c700
wrong polarity.

any luck with yours ?????
I did exactly the same with my SL5000D 2 years ago, its been sitting around as spares for my trusty SL5500. Its cheaper this way, pay $100-$200 to fix it or get insurance for your next Zaurus...
Several people have accidently fried their Z with reverse polarity. From what I gathered in other threads, it only affects the charging circuits (external power port). You can still use your Z, but will have to use an external battery charger. I don't know the exact items fried, but a search should turn up the cost of having Sharp fix it as I have seen that here several times. I do not know of anyone that has successfully fixed this by themselves.

Good Luck. I would be willing to buy the Z with the dead charging circuits for a project where the Z would be hard wired through the battery compartment to an external power source, but I can not pay what even a damaged Z is worth. I can only offer $50 dry.gif so it would probably not be worth it to sell it to me. If on the other hand, you are interested, send me a PM. (This is for a aprs radio project.)

That A106 are capacitors, so if 104 is 0.1uF, 106= 10uf, i have some of these at home smile.gif.

May be your capacitors just burn it and they are shrotcircuit. Replace these capacitors, if you cannot find the same caps, adds just one big 10uF cap. these caps must be of 6 volts alt least.

Or just simply remove them and try again without caps.

Remember to connect the right polarity of the caps.

Then black line is the negative pin.
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