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Full Version: Spreadsheet (hancomsheet Is Bugged!)
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there is probably no working spreadsheet for zaurus.

am i missing something!?!?

examples for bugs in hancomsheet:
operations (like copy/paste) on cells that contain text>256 byte == crash
big files (>100kb) are being scrumbled upon open/save
random format changes (can't reproduce :-( hence "random")
unusable on big files (>200kb)
no decryption,
no import/export,
freez panes don't being saved,
and more.

these on hancomsheet 1.5 cacko. i had other bugs on original sharp rom.
you could try gnumeric on either pdaXrom or X/Qt ... I havn't tested it by myself but it may work better than this wink.gif
i couldn't set it up on pdaX, but i tried to only for 2 weeks... :-(

I run gnumeric in a debian chroot (works fine for me)
(Gnumeric in pdaX gave me wrong values on importing and exporting .xls)

Now I'm trying to get openoffice working correctly;
Debian on pdaX - thread

Good luck,
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