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Full Version: Status Update 2
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Hey everybody - as I write this we are currently preparing files for uploading to the servers. This means that RC8 (yes we jumped a couple of steps) is going to be out within the next 24 hours. We hope you all are satisfied with the result of our hard work after almost 1 year of programming - yes the pdaXrom project started only 1 year ago.
Thank you for all the hard work Laze and the whole pdaXrom team, including everyone that contributes to the feeds.
You have changed the face of many zaurus'es and paved the way for a serious foothold in the pda market.
Time to give the team a 'christmas present' and donate.

rebooting, logging on, starting X.
Woot, success! Now to try out the apps..
Thanks & Happy Holidays to the pdaxrom team!!

What a great way to bring in the new year with a new pdaXrom. Thanks for all of your hard work. Thanks for enriching the Zaurus experience wink.gif .

Now off to have a cup of Christmas cheer!
OK the torrents are up (lets see how long my server stays up).
You can grab the torrent files from my homepage at
Please leave your downloader running torrents work best when
we all work together.

Charles Puffer

The RC8 looks realy good. My Zaurus now feels better than my Visor Edge did.

PS: my unofficial MD5SUMS are:

b4b0ba9ff9863ab345075a7f99e1d6dc pdaxromsdk-1.1.0-softfloat.tar.bz2
2ecd4b863ea6700592bdff6b3831ac4e zgcc-3.3.2.img

Please remember these show only you have what I (charles Puffer) have.
If Laze would generate official md5sums that would be better.
The md5sums I found:
b4b0ba9ff9863ab345075a7f99e1d6dc pdaxromsdk-1.1.0-softfloat.tar.bz2
2ecd4b863ea6700592bdff6b3831ac4e zgcc-3.3.2.img

They match yours. Your bittorrent streams are correct.

I got a faster download from pdaXrom mirror web site this morning. The site bandwidth has been improved or most people are enjoying their Christmas time smile.gif. Whatever, I'm in your streams to help to speed your bittorrent download (in case of a future bigger pdaxrom network charge).
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