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Full Version: How Can I Synchronize Sl 5500g With Entourage X??
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a really great surprise - a Sharp Zaurus SL 5500G was under the christmas tree this year.

It was not my wish - I never heard about the Sharp PDAs before, I have never owned a PDA before and I just knew the Palm Handhelds up to now.

Well, now I'm trying to discover the "Zaurus world" and I'm surprised:
A PDA not based on MS windows does only contain software to sync it with MS Windows??

I need some help - maybe anyone has a similar problem and the solution?

At home I have my PowerBook G4 12" (OS 10.3) and use MS Entourage X for Email, Calendar and Addressbook.
(As well there is my girlfriend's PC with MS Outlook, so it might be interesting to exchange Addressbook information ... with it.)

At work, I have a PC with MS Outlook XP and would like to sync the calendar and address data with it.

For MS Entourage X I could not find any software yet, which allows me to sync with the Zaurus - please help!!

How do you manage that? (Or does none of you use MS Entourage?)

Best regards

The best solution I have found is to use Qtopia Desktop 1.7.0 on my G5 to sync with my Zaurus 5500.

Its similar to Palm desktop and it keeps track of contacts and calendering internally.

There are people working on trying to sync with the Apple address book and iCal with a program called ZMacSync that seems to be making progress.
Hi John,

thanks for your answer - however, I don't want to change my calendar and organizer software :-( - I want to use MS Entourage. Is there no way at all to sync it with the Zaurus?

Best regards,

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