I have boughr SL-C3000 and I try to setup Czech keyboard layout using keyhelper.xml. I have following problem:

There are characters with acutes and carons in Czech layout. Some of them have its owm keys (top line of keyboard), but some of them are made by pressing two keys: acute (or caron) and then the main key.

I would like to map F21 as acute/caron key, but I do not know to compile single character by pressing F21 first and then another key.

I have one very similar problem: after mapping Czech characters to top line of keyboard, I need to press Shift+number to get a number. It is OK, it is normal on Czech keyboard layout. But it changed Fx keys. On the original layout F1 was Cancel and then 1. Now, I have F1 as Cancel and than Shift+1.

Doues anybody know how to edit keyhelper.xml to receive a single character after pressing two keys? Thank you.