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Full Version: Timidity
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I thought I'd try out Timidity as its in the feed for RC8.

However, playing ANY midi file on my C860, even when overclocked, just stutters or is quite choppy.

I've also tried dropping from X and doing it straight from the command line. Also tried outputting in Mono, 8 bit etc... to no avail.

Is there anything I can do to get this going ok? The only thing I've come up with that may work is to convert my midis to wav using timidity and then play them. I think its the 'on-the-fly' conversion that is causing the problems.

- Bundabrg
My guess would be that Timidity simply needs more CPU cycles than the Zaurus' processor is able to deliver. You could try to the "System Info" application and see how hard the CPU is loaded.
Drop it down to 22050Hz Sample rate, that appears to be the apex of quality / stutter.

11025 doesn't stutter at all but sounds crap smile.gif
Dropping to 22K did the job though it still pauses a bit now and then. For those interested, the command line I used : -

timidity -s 22050 ECHOES1.MID

Interestingly the cpu is only 58% whilst running.

Also I'm impressed that dillo worked FINE to view and edit this post.

- Bundabrg
This works really well! Is there a way to set this as default when I run the Timidity GUI app? Something like a .timidity file or can I change the launcher?


Figured it out. I just opened the file:
vim /usr/share/applications/timidity.desktop

and changed:
Exec=timidity -ig

Exec=timidity -s 22050 -ig

I needed to restart X to get it to work, i.e. ctrl-alt-bksp then startx.


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