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Full Version: Favorite Pdaxrom Tweaks
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I though it might be fun/useful to share your favorite tweaks.

Here's a couple of mine that I've copied over from my gentoo setup:
I have been using .Xdefaults in my home directory to set default aterm settings. This allows me to have the same aterm settings as I use different wm with having to hack different scripts in each.

# ~/.Xdefaults
# Aterm Terminal Settings

# 786 lines = 500 KB of memory

# Aterm Font Settings, selected using 'xfontsel'

# Aterm Color Settings

aterm*background:  black
aterm*foreground:  green
aterm*cursorColor: green

# I got these colors from using gnome-terminal's color
# dialogue. under Palette, i selected 'linux console'
# and just middle-mouse copied the values over--a swell hack

aterm*color0:      #000000
aterm*color1:      #AA0000
aterm*color2:      #00AA00
aterm*color3:      #AA5500
aterm*color4:      #0000AA
aterm*color5:      #AA00AA
aterm*color6:      #00AAAA
aterm*color7:      #AAAAAA
aterm*color8:      #555555
aterm*color9:      #FF5555
aterm*color10:     #55FF55
aterm*color11:     #FFFF55
aterm*color12:     #5555FF
aterm*color13:     #FF55FF
aterm*color14:     #55FFFF
aterm*color15:     #FFFFFF

Then to customize the bash prompt I've added .bash_profile and .bashrc to my home directory as well. The settings display the path at the prompt so you always know where you are. Also it allows you to create aliases or shortcuts, I've set it so that "d" = ls and "nano" = nano -w.
.bash_profile ->
# /etc/skel/.bash_profile:
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-src/rc-scripts/etc/skel/.bash_profile,v 1.10 2002/11/18 19:39:22 azarah Exp $

#This file is sourced by bash when you log in interactively.
[ -f ~/.bashrc ] && . ~/.bashrc

.bashrc ->
# /etc/skel/.bashrc:
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-src/rc-scripts/etc/skel/.bashrc,v 1.8 2003/02/28
#15:45:35 azarah Exp $

# This file is sourced by all *interactive* bash shells on startup.  This
# file *should generate no output* or it will break the scp and rcp commands.

alias d="ls"
alias nano="nano -w"

PS1="\$(pwd) # "

And lastly, I've added a message that is displayed with each new prompt by adding a last line to /etc/profle
echo "Zaurus = Penguin Power"

I find using alt tab to switch windows difficult using my thumbs and I often needs to take my stylus to maximize the size of a window.
My solution to these pbs is to
1) map the kanji key near the - key to Mod4 (or "windows key") add in /etc/x11/kb/corgi.xmodmap
keycode 130 = Super_L
add mod4 = Super_L

2) edit /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml and to add
<keybind key="Mod4-Right">
    <action name="NextWindow"/>
<keybind key="Mod4-m">
  <action name="MaximizeFull"/>

so that I use kanji key + right arrow to switch between windows
and kanji + m to maximize a window
Hey pgas..

Maybe I should make support for defining the mod4 key in inputconfig - maybe you could come up with a good list/definition of all the standard mod4 key shortcuts?
hmm, I don't know if there is such a thing as standard mod4 shortcuts, except some on windows ( mod4+m show the desktop on windows , I use it to maximize the window...)

Perhaps we can open a new thread to see what
others like or would like.
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