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(Maybe this is a old topic but i cant find a way to search several words, instead of a sentence)

What i would like to know is the Advantages / disavantages of all ROM avaible for Sharp Zaurus 5500 - Facilities, Security, features, etc etc...

This will help me (and others) to decide what is the best ROM for each function.

You can rule out pdaxrom as they are only made for the 7xx/8xx clamshells.
I just moved up to a 6000 a little while ago, so I cant help too much with 5500 roms - my personal favorite was TheKompany rom, but as best I can tell tckrom development seems pretty dead now. The new OZ was nice, but it didnt like my wireless network too much, so at the time I sold the 5500 I was sticking to the Sharp 3.1 rom (I really hate the OZ documents tab too)

as for searching, I believe if you seperate your search terms with "and" it will search on the individual words instead of the whole phrase

I have a SL 5500 with Sharp ROM... and i dislike certains things.

So i'm think in change the ROM. And i want to know a little better others ROMs. I'll like and dislike thing in all ROMs, so i want to know the Pros and Cons of all of them to make my choice.

Somepoints i'm curious are:
CF WiFi Detect / Free Software / user firendly desktop / possible configurations / ...

My vote is TheKonpany ROM. It hasn't been developed in awhile, but it's very good. WiFi detection is the same as the Sharp ROM, if I'm not mistaken. All the apps for the Sharp ROM work with it. The desktop is a themed QT (simular to KDE in looks), nice file browser (instead of a documents tab), configured to have menus work by press and hold (like the Sharp ROM) or tap and select (like Windows CE).
I'm looking at the ROM from TheKompany (

It seems really good, in all ways - File Tab for instance...

Questions about this ROM:
- Is it possible to send files via InfraRed directly to SD/CF card??

- If i install Packages directly to SD/CF, the files will be mixed with documents, etc etc...??

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