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Full Version: And Then There Were Three...
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Just noticed that Rolan has joined the Philly/NJ ZUG.

Got to thinking that some introductions might be in order, and figure out where we are.

I've posted it before, but I live in Pennsauken NJ, directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. I'm 35 year-old single dad with too much electronics and too little money and time. Run mostly Linux at home (only win box is my 8-year-old's) so the Z was a natural choice.

Any day of the month is equally difficult for me to get to any get-together/meeting, and I get the impression I'm still the only one here in the Philly area... If that's NOT true, then I'd be delighted to make arrangements with my ex so I have an evening free to meet some Z folks face to face.

I am 31 years old, Bulgarian (came to US 3 years ago). I live in Monmouth Junction, NJ -- too far from both NYC and Philly smile.gif Married, have a 3.5 year old son. Most of my computers run Linux, except one that is running Windows and will be converted to Plan9 soon because nobody is using it.

Unfortunately I don't have enough free time for meetings right now -- I have too much stuff in the todo list sad.gif
I must admit that I am cheating a bit - I live in west-central PA. Johnstown to be exact. But until there is a greater number of people, I think I can fit into the Philly one smile.gif.

I be 26, female, as well as a Heinz 57 American. I am also married with a 2 year old miscreant (but not badly so) daughter. Every machine in the house runs windows, except for my dual-boot with Slackware. And the only reason that even exists is because I couldn't get the dang infernal qt frame buffer running correctly under cygwin. And just for the record I detest the X11 config file, and LILO.

Why the zaurus then you might say? Because I have a long history of mudding, and coding ROM 2.4b4/6 and I am comfortable with the command line. Well that and at the time I first saw the 5000D I was very impressed with the thumb-board, and still am!

I must also say that most any RL meeting is going to be hard because of work/family commitments; however, I am very pleased to be part of the group!

tpanar - That the Johnstown about 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh? (another near State College, a third between Harrisburg and Philly)

Looks like the Philly/NJ ZUG is slowly getting populated, and for such a small area it looks like real-world meetings aren't in the cards... :?

Well I just ordered my Sl-5500 after much deliberation. And I also have a friend who has had one for about a year now. I am not sure if he is interested in a ZUG but if so you could almost double your membership with two more. biggrin.gif I know he is a member of his local MUG.

Just don't fall apart yet! biggrin.gif Slow and steady wins the race . . . or so they say.
I also should have mentioned we are in the Lancaster / York PA area. smile.gif
I guess I also add my introduction. smile.gif

I am a 36 year old New Media Designer (Web, Print, Flash, Video) and writer. I am married with 2 daughters. I have three computers: iMac DV SE running OS 10.2.6, iBook Graphite Clamshell running Yellowdog Linux 3.0, and a Powerbook 17" OS 10.2.6

I'll try to do some more recruiting in my area. 8) I am looking forward to using my Z for reading, writing, design ideas, XHTML, CSS, PHP ? MySQL, and updating web sites on the fly. I would also like to port some apps between OS X and the Z if I can figure out how to do that. I hope I'm not being too ambitious. :wink:
Hey gang,

Extreme noobie to the zaurus family... well, such a noobie that I haven't even bought one yet. I was tempted to pick up the 5600 series, but things just never materialized. From what I've learned of the sl-6000 series though, it's the top on the "must buy" list.

Outside of that - I'm a IBM Lotus/Domino guy by trade. I'm a happily married male, 25, with two kids and one on the way, currently in Pottstown, PA (I know, we're moving soon)! I run a consulting business myself and a ASP-model business on the side of a full-time dayjob. I sleep 4-5 hours a day and, aside from the time I spend with the kids, the wife, and the chores, am in front a computer for the rest of the time! (and couldn't be happier)

So here's to not making a complete ass out of myself with my noobie questions and annoying babbling!

Hey all,

I am a new SL6000L owner and I am in the Atlantic City area.

Bob Makowsky

I actually was part of the Philly area, but soon I'll be in Orlando. You guys have me in Center City for the next couple months tho smile.gif
So, how does one join the philly/nj zug? Myself, and 2 other guys at my office are Zaurus users, and after seeing my new SL6000 running a SIP phone, and now asterisk via pocketworkstation, the president, and VP of my company are probally grabbing ones too, and I'm sure we'd all like to join.

(I run the tech support department for a local ISP, hence the large number of zaurus folk at my office)
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