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I didn't see any topics, so I figured I would ask. Is GCC working now, or do I still need to mount the zgcc image? With the increased root size, this won't be as troublesome, but a properly functioning compiler would be nice. wink.gif

One other thing, I've started compiling epic and pico for myself, if anyone else is interested I will look into making ipks of them.

after installing gcc, debugger, pdaxRom headers, make and the qt headers from feed i've got the compiling system working...

i've tried to compile Michael Lauers wellenreiterII-1.0rc2-x11.tar.tar from, but got many errors... it's an very old version from 12/2003 and not designed for gcc3.3.2 imo

but i think the compiling system is ok...

btw: if you send me your sources for epic and pico, i can try... i have yet no time to search them... rolleyes.gif

I tried to install the gcc headers on my sd card, but I think it pulled in gcc as a dependency.
It took up some 40MB.

tcc works for this rom and is amazing!

I was in the middle of writing a simple gtk program with tcc, but I am 100%
positive it will work.

Right now, I only have tcc from a premade ipk from a guy in germany -- and it installed into /opt/QtPalmtop/bin, etc.... but you can link that to /usr/bin, etc.

(Yes, you will still need the headers, etc...) but we could possible make the headers be part of a cramfs -- as they should compress a LOT -- and then add tcc either pasrt of that cram or just normal install -- and then you'd get a decent c compiler without a lot of space!

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