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Full Version: Blinking Charge Light And No Turn On
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Hi, I packed my 5600 in my bag for my christmas vacation, and upon reaching my destination, I could not get the unit to turn on. So when I got home last night I plugged it in and the charge light came on, so naturally I thought the batteries could have been drained by accidental turn on. So after 5 minutes, I hit the turn on button and the unit started to boot up (not straight into OS) so I left to go make dinner. When I came back, the battery light was blinking, and I could not get the unit to turn on.

Over the past month, a few times while working I go to turn the unit on and it has to completely boot up, even when it has been used that morning and still has pleanty of battery left.

Could I possibly have just a bad battery? Or should I forget this thing and try to find myself a 6000?
aight, i got the unit to boot into the self test mode, and it says all files are fine... but then when it goes to boot up normally (after playing with the power cord and etc) it dies upon hitting the second bootup screen (silver zaurus theme) it seems as if the screen fades out
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