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Full Version: Linux Port For Ux50?
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Has anyone ever thought of porting Linux to the Sony CLIE UX50? Is it possible?
Err... I think not since it's Palm powered... It's like trying to port linux to a Zire...
yes it can be done, search for uclinux (its 68k based) but outta all the palms the UX series would be the best platform for linux port (since it has system/heap ram, user ram, etc..)

Only problem is it's made by sony so your SOL cause they will not provide any developer details on the core hardware, so you'll need to bust your UX50 in half with a hammer solder up some jtag lines/debug serial/etc... and start trying to figure out all hardware calls/address/etc..

Ohhh I see. That must suck. Sony sucks more now.
As an ex-clie user, yes they do..

Although I did have linux on my old Palm IIIxe.
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