Hello everyone. This is basically a post to let you all know that the lack of synchronization for Linux users is now a thing of the past. I have made the first functional release of a tool which I have been working on that uses the actual synchronization protocol for the Sharp ROMs which use the DTM storage method. What does this mean? Well it means now a tool exists for Linux users which allows them to synchronize their Zaurus with any Desktop PIM application through a plugin based architecture.

Currently, I have written and tested a plugin for KOrganizer. I will be releasing documentation on how to write plugins very soon. It is very basic though, so if you are interested please grab the latest source and check it out.

Also, I just finished developing a GUI front end for this tool. Hence, people that don't like the command line tool now have a spiffy GUI which allows them to configure their synchronizations and select which plugins to use for the synchronizations. Along with providing a means for performing all the different types of synchronizations.

This is NOT some hack job like many have been. The goal of this project is to create a complete and professional tool (set of tools) to allow for synchronization using the actual synchronization protocol.

Please check it out at http://zsrep.sourceforge.net.