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Full Version: Software?
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Is it just me, or is it difficult finding software for the 3K?

I can't seem to find a movie player that works (Tried 3) and same with mp3 player, and can't seem to get Gaim to work either.

Have any one of you had any luck?

I am also looking for good games (Card and others), and maybe a different screen saver...?

Oh yea - have any of you found an easier way to look up contacts, other than going to the menu and selecting "find" (Other than scrolling too)?

Thanks for *any* help!

I managed to get Gaim to work, but not any other movie player.

To properly install Gaim on the C3000:

1. Follow the procedure as directed by the website. You will know the instructions were properly followed if you get Gaim to open, with only some dividers in the menu bar and no graphics.

2. Perform the following commands in the terminal:

cd /usr/lib
ln -sf
ln -sf
ln -sf

3. Start Gaim. You don't have to repeat these steps every time.

I've experienced a few significant bugs with Gaim. Firstly, I've never had any luck bypassing the "Buddy not found/unable to edit buddylist" error due to removing a buddy from the buddylist on a different computer. Also, it doesn't respond to network status, so resuming from suspend back onto a wireless connection doesn't guarantee that you've reconnected online.

Note, the command line step was drawn from the second to last FAQ question at .

I think the main problem with movie players for the C series models is that each player looks for the W100, an ATi graphics chip that isn't present on the C3000. Since the code that accesses that actually manages that card isn't inside the program (rather, the program talks to that code), the error doesn't propogate to the user and is instead handled by low level ignorance. That is to say, Linux just drops the error and doesn't care.
Gaim.. kind of work. but still very buggy. I had MSN, AOL, ICQ work on my SL3000 (which is fun when you are on the road with bluetooth phone), Yahoo which I'm unable to make it works, i tried both and I don't even bother to use extra functions on this gaim, it's not very stable on zaurus at this time.

I had Doom Demo and SNES emulator installed, which are good enough for mobile fun.
Dragon Quest 6 alone took all my time.

I use KO/Pi suite, don't know which contact appplication you are using.

hope this help
My SL-C3000 arrived yesterday. I did the conversion to english. Set up the wireless CF just fine and then worked on installing Gaim. When I tried to launch from terminal I get the error

gaim: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory

I went to install libopie from

and also tried the one from the Gaim feed.

While trying to install either I get error ipkg says something went wrong.

Is there a better source for this lib or is there something that I am missing about the installation?


Update: The lib installed with another software package that I installed so now I am up and running with Gaim smile.gif
Installed and configured gaim on SL-C3000, it works fine when connect to MSN but not Yahoo! When I try to connect using my Yahoo ID/Password, it show 1% then stop. Please help. Thanks.
QUOTE(kckong @ Feb 24 2005, 11:24 PM)
Installed and configured gaim on SL-C3000, it works fine when connect to MSN but not Yahoo!  When I try to connect using my Yahoo ID/Password, it show 1% then stop. Please help. Thanks.

Yep, I only use Yahoo and the same thing happens to me, all other apps i use so far are working fine. Gaim is giving me issues. I am using Cacko 1.23 with an Ambicom WL1100C-CF adapter. The socket BT adapter works fine as well. Hardware works flawlessly so far with this flash. I am very happy. If I get gaim working for IRC and Yahoo, I will be victorious!! Please help us. Thanks so much guys for the great work you do on this forum
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