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Full Version: Extract 4gb Microdrive From C3000?
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Ok, I wasn't sure if my curiosity was answered well enough in other threadsd, that is why I am posting now. Has anyone tried extracting the 4GB MD and placing something else in? Like a 4GB CF Card? Is that possible? Is it feasible? And if it is all possible, then how much battery life could I save if I did this exchange? Would it void my Sharp warranty? Will the device still work the same?
yes, its been done, just search the forums. Someone did it with a 2Gb cf card
or a other microdrive with more space... and use the 4gb of the zaurus in the other cf slot biggrin.gif
its easy to pull out and replace, i had to do it the other day to install OZ/GPE manually (stupid 20MB CF card not bieng big enogh)
I have reported how to extract 4GB CF from MuVo Player at
just note that opening up your Zaurus to replace the microdrive will void your warranty. i was planning to do that just before my c3000 died, so I am glad i didn't had time to do it yet because my c3000 is getting replaced by sharp japan. had i opened it to replace the internal microdrive with a fast 4GB CF, then sharp would had refused to replace my dead c3000. just something to consider before you go opening up your Zaurus.
but once i get my c3000 replaced, i will probably open it up to replace the internal microdrive with the 4GB CF which is why i bought the cf card in the first place. chances are that the new c3000 won't break for a while so i should not need to replace it again...
As far as i can see there is no way for sharp to know if you have opened your Z, there is no stickers or any visable indicators that it has been tampered with smile.gif, just somthing to keep in mind (from someone who opens his Z on a daily basis)
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