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Full Version: Bluetooth Obex Push Manager
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A neat feature of most other PDAs is the ability to send/receive files through Bluetooth in a similar fashion to beaming via IR.

I think that this might not be too hard for a Zaurus. For the basics, we'd need...
  • Some sort of Qt-based GUI for sending files.
  • Some sort of daemon which listens for files being sent. This could possibly be the GUI as well, such that files can only be received while the GUI is running. Good for security, but not as good for flexibility.
  • Ability to choose where to save the received files.
  • Ability to launch the saved files.
Later on, you'd also want...
  • Integration into the file manager? Probably impossible, but would be nice. :-/
  • Integration into other PIM apps. I expect that something like KO/PI could have this hacked in to allow sending contacts. Hell, it could probably even run the daemon as well so that it could receive contacts directly. :-)
It's probably just a pipe dream though. :-)

I'll be learning some of this stuff pretty soon, since I want to implement basic bluejacking capabilities on my Z, but I'm not sure yet whether I'll go down the Qtopia+bluez route or the J2ME route.
I dont have any bluetooth hardware but I noticed in OZ 3.5.2 when I select Beam from my PIM apps it talks about bluetooth.

Have you looked at the latest OZ release to see if this is what you are looking for?
I'm currently writing a Bluetooth GUI for the Sharp ROMs at this moment:

It is slowly getting there. I got chance to work on it using my Zaurus over the Christmas holidays. There might be an alpha release in mid-January, although that probably won't include the Obex stuff at that point.

Actually I'm still in the process of iterating over all the ROMs... OZ is on my list but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Which PIM apps are you running, though? The Opie ones? I'll have to check them out, I can probably run those on Cacko anyway without having to re-flash.

Any chance you could post a beta of the gui interface?
Related to this stuff...

It seems that the latest Cacko includes opd (running by default) as well as obextool. So pushes can now be done from the command-line without adding any extra software, and it seems like this should also make a push GUI a little easier to bang together.

If I could build up enough motivation to learn Qt I could probably bang something simple together... or maybe PyQt is the way to go.
Yeah, I've been struggling with motivation too. *When * I do eventually get something out, it is more likely to be alpha quality.

I've been working on the basics (settings and discovery for now), but as I already have that setup it is hard to work up motivation to complete. It would actually be nice to get Obex working to beam files between my phone/other PDAs and Zaurus.
Thats really too bad as even adding the ability to perform basic functions would be a huge improvement.
The first release is still going to be an app that just allows you to change the basic settings and discover devices and modify rfcomm.conf for them, so don't worry.

Then I'll get Obex stuff going and people can add other features if they want.
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