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Full Version: The 5600 /home With Oz?
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This has been discussed on the Zug, irc, and the mailing list but there has never really been a clean solution. I know that none of the developers have a 5600, but it seems to me that the c-750 partitions are very similar. I also know that a single partition would be a kernel hack that the developers don't want.

That said... would it be possible to move /opt to mtdblock3 where /home is, and home to where /opt is or was? It would seem to make a nice setup... more room for apps without symlinks.

If it's not possible to make it flash that way, could someone give me the proper commands on how to do it... after a new flash so there is less to move? I have to flash now anyhow because I have already failed at my attempt to move it.

Let me try a different approach and leave mtdblock3 as /home.

Does anyone know how to set up ipkg and ipkg-link on a 2 partition flash like the c-750 (lardman maybe?) or 5600 so you can install apps without having to manually symlink everything in /home with every app to work? As it is, you can install things easier to the SD-card than you can /home.

If all else fails I guess I can install the sharp rom just to see how it's laid out, then try to replicate it with symlinks on OZ before installing any apps.

Look at the thread I started in this bit of the forum re ipkg-link not obeying the dest lines in ipkg.conf (,and,ipkg\.conf).

There's a new version of ipkg-link on there which does obey the dest entries.

I tend to make a new dir (/home/user) and add 'dest user /home/user/' to /etc/ipkg.conf.

Let me know how you get on,

I completely missed that thread. Now I can live with my 2 partitions in place without any headaches!

For the record with a 5600 you make the directory


Note: you could probably use anything for the directory name here, but it would be better if we used the same one for bug fixing. imho

then add the line

dest user /home/user/

to /etc/ipkg.conf

Then replace the ipkg-link with the 'first' one in that thread. The second one ipkg.link2 doesn't work properly on a 5600... it complains about no mount point.

I see from the other thread that you are going to put this in OE. That should solve a lot of problems I see on this board and the mailing list with the 5600 or any Z with this partition layout.

Many thanks to you Simon for pointing this out and Bundabrg for the script!

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