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Full Version: Switching To Another Rom
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Drooling Iguana
I'd like to remove pdaXrom from my C750 in order to try the new version of OpenZaurus, however I seem to be having trouble flashing my system. I've tried a couple of times to install OZ using the instructions on their webpage, but after I reboot it always tried to boot up pdax again, but isn't able to finish the process. I suspect that this has to do with the way pdaXrom repartitions my flash during its initial install. Does anyone know how I can get my Zaurus back to a state that will allow me to install other roms on it?

I also have a backup copy of my original Sharp ROM, but the "DM trick" no longer seems to be working, and I don't know of any other way to restore it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
OZ has this thing with the kernel names not really being clear
and they're DIFFERENT for each model.

make sure you partition to a size that will work with oz (sorry, can't
suggest a size there) and be SURE that you flash the kernel for OZ
(if the filename isn't correct, it won't get flashed, etc).

Drooling Iguana
OZ doesn't have the option of resizing partitions, as far as I know.

Basically, I just want to get my Zaurus back to the sate it was in before I installed pdaXrom for the first time. Restoring from my original NAND backup should also accomplish this but, as I mentioned in my opening post, I am no longer able to access the backup menu.

EDIT: Never mind. Got it working. Apparently one of the filenames given in the OZ documentation is incorrect. zImage should be zImage.bin.
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