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Full Version: Where To Get C3000 Usb Host Cable (mini-a)
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As I posted in another thread, I am using GoldX Quick Connect USB cable kit to make USB host working on my C3000.

But this cable is little too long, and I just need [mini-A male] - [A female] cable.
It looks to me some of the USB OTG(On-The-Go) devices do have such cable.
So far, what I found are.... (please note I haven't confirmed)

- ioCombo USB ON-THE-GO

- iRiver H320 or H340

but I don't want to pay that much money just to get small piece of cable.....
anyone please post if you know some other options.

BTW, I just stopped by my local (very small) RadioShack and I found Quick Connect cable in store there!! What a surprise, I got mine through online dealer and hence I had to wait for about a week.
maybe you could take a look at "MUSB03" reference (search via google). I've ordered it to Blackbox (in France as i'm from there) and i'm patiently waiting for it smile.gif i cannot tell if it works yet, but i'll tell you as soon as i'll have a chance to test it.
Thanks darkloran,

By your reference, I could find Blackbox's english (US) web page and it looks they do have USB On-the-Go cables. But the shortest one is still 0.9m...... hmmmm....
if you're looking for something [really] short... look at this page tongue.gif

but it's not "on the go" (i wonder about energy consumption...)
That is mini-B not a mini-A. I don't know what purpose that can be used. Really good short though.
isn't it this one then ?
It's still mini-B, and the other side is A-Male. This kind of adaptor can be found in any CompUSA or Fry's.
Answer to myself....

I was just looking around SL-6000 hardware forum and there is pinned thread about exact this topic, and damn I just figured out iRiver does sell the cable alone.

i've received my MUSB03 cable from blackbox at noon... it's like i thought it was. I've managed to connect an USB keyboard (sony Playstation2 one). I've just plugged and it worked fine (except certain keys... this is just a matter of configuration).

the mouse is recognized but it seems there is no driver to use it as a "pointer".
i hope to make it work inside my debian in X/QT.

i'll try with my digital camera and memory key tonight... i'll let you know.

QUOTE(DreamTheater @ Jan 4 2005, 01:18 PM)
Thanks darkloran,

By your reference, I could find Blackbox's english (US) web page and it looks they do have USB On-the-Go cables.  But the shortest one is still 0.9m...... hmmmm....

I bougth one 0.15m long (really USB mini "On the Go") .
Look at:*93590/.../bySearch*41848

It works fine smile.gif

But I don't know where HAMA-Products are available outside of europe?

I was also looking for this cable and our Fry's in Atlanta does NOT appear to carry it. I ended up going on iRiver's website and ordering.

(EStore --> Accessories --> Portable MultiMedia Accessories --> last choice on the page called the PMP USB Host Adapter Cable for $4.99)

Everybody else may know this, but I just figured out the difference between A and B today. Mini A is 5 pins and is used when a mini plug will act as a HOST. Mini B is 4 pins and used when the mini plug is connecting to a device as a PERIPHERAL.

Barb Fox
MultiMedia Productions, Inc.
Here's another source:

Don't know why I didn't think of them before.

Serialio has been providing cables for the Z family for years...

$5.99 + shipping (and tax in CA)

Thanks for the link, TsingTao. I had been monitoring the iRiver site for a while, hoping to get one of the cables there. Their store had said "expected to ship August 31st" but a few days ago this changed to October 31st. I ended up ordering the EMERGE TECHNOLOGIES Universal Cable Kit from J&R/Amazon a while ago mostly to get the mini-A adapter, but it has a number of other useful adapters as well, so I guess it wasn't a waste. The emerge adapter isn't a cable, but rather a short adapter, and I can imagine that both kinds could be useful depending on what kind of device you want to use. The cable is nice for something like a bluetooth dongle, since you can fold it under the zaurus and not have it sticking straight out the back.
On Saturday I ordered an USB mini-a cable from Figlabs for £ 10 plus postage - . I got it today, two working days later. Quick and friendly service, and now I can type on my SL-C3000 with a USB keyboard! laugh.gif

Eirik Newth
For those who were waiting for iRiver store, it's just got cables in stock.
QUOTE(albertr @ Aug 10 2005, 10:23 AM)
For those who were waiting for iRiver store, it's just got cables in stock.

What about this one? Is this what you're looking for?
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