Hi, recently had a go with RC8 and found that if you install some of the packages like grep they get installed in /opt/arm/vfp.... (or something like that... actually the location where the cramfs file gets mounted if you install it).

What I then found was that grep in particular carried a library reference to a runtime library that became unavailable when the cramfs image was mounted... strange, I guess it was in a lib directory under the mount point and not available in the same location on the cramfs image (or a different ver). Anyway, ldconfig didn't fix the error with grep. This only got fixed when I unmounted the cramfs, ran ldconfig, closed aterm and opened a new one. Unfortunately I can't remember the library because leading up to this discovery the following happened.

Installed apache-php and realised that it installed mysql which I didn't want so I did an ipkg remove mysql which immediately threw an error on the same library that grep was failing with, said that the package wasn't installed and then removed it from the status file in /usr/lib/ipkg - leaving mysql installed.

Following the unmount of the cramfs, the ldconfig and restart aterm ipkg was able to remove other packages but by this stage I had put the ROM into a rather tatty state so I reverted to Cacko pending seeking some advice.

Right, so much for the observations and background. What I'm interested in really is....

i. Are there any tools that are needed additionally to the zgcc cramfs provided on the RC8 download page that should routinely be installed over and above the cramfs and don't conflict. I would like to have a pretty complete set of tools including cvs, gdb etc. if possible.

ii. Is there a better way ? Can you get all of the contents of the cramfs by installing all the individual packages ? I guess things like the zlib headers etc. are what I'm asking here. This would be fine, I would just put them on an SD card.

iii. Is the best way actually to extract the cramfs to a directory, replace the /opt/arm/vfp directory with a link to that directory and then install the standalone package additional stuff over the top ?

Can anyone say which is the best option and elaborate ?

- Andy