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ctrl, alt or middle/right click should be mappable on the buttons next to the jog (the ok/cancel ones)
no one agrrees...?
edit the file /usr/bin/

add the lines

CODE["side ok",131,True])["side cancel",132,True])

self.store1.append(["side ok",131,True])
self.store1.append(["side cancel",132,True])

And run the input setup app might be enough to see you wish come true.

works perfectly - thanks smile.gif
well, would be very usefull some sort of fast switching between different input configurations. It's annoying restarting X when you switch lanscape and pdamode, and right/middle clicks mapped to side buttons are not usable when in laptop mode.
You use the side buttons when in landscape mode? I don't, I would find it very inconvenient.



Edit: Oh, wait I just re-thought what you were talking about-- I get it now and I agree with you.

I guess a workaround would be to re-map the ok and cancel buttons to the ones that used to be the alt and right click buttons-- but you're right that is annoying.

ok to do this.

set the key with inputconfig for the portrait and save

cp /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.portrait

set the key with inputconfig for the landscape, save and copy

cp /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.landscape

* edit /etc/sysconfig/clamshell/
and add
xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.landscape

* edit /etc/sysconfig/clamshell/
and add
xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.portrait

And it should do what you want.

Note: try too take look at /etc/X11/kb/corgi.xmodmap and userdefined.xmodap , a bit of xmodmap documentation and use xev in a console to find the keycode.

I don't mind helping you at all, it's just that it's not that difficult to understand and you might like to do these things yourself.
actually after setting the keys with input config, I thinkl calling
xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.xmodmap
in a console should be enough.

For Laze: I wonder if it would not be a good thing to add calls to clear Modx and Add Modx in the userdefined.xmodmap when it contains modification for ALt and Ctrl bindings.
in fact, I really apreciate your help. The reason for I opened this thread is that I think the feature should be officially implemented in the distro, maybe in the pyton tools. Actually, I opened a feature request in the pdaxrom site wink.gif

anyway, nice hint wink.gif
...mouse clicks are mapped with xmodmap too?

I don't think so.
I cannot find where the file input.cfg, modified by, is used during the matchbox start sequence
hmm, you are right, from what i see the key mapping for the click are in fact stored as environnent variable when X start (in the startx script).

That's why you need to restart X....

I'm not sure if there is another solution in this case... sad.gif exept using something like the xmonobut applet instead of the key modifier for clicks in portrait...
X needs to be restarted to change the mapping of the ctrl+alt keys and the right/middle mouse buttons layout - actually the ctrl+alt also changed under clean bash after reboot.

The idea with two different mappings for the two different rotations have been discussed and will probally implemented along the way later - the ideal situation would allow you too map each key :-)
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