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Full Version: Qtopia 2.1.0 For 5x00 Series
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This is only intended for extreme testers wanting to test this on their 5x00 series. Its not the X windows system for 5x00! Buts its a test of our building system and more.

Sash has been playing and managed to get the 2.1.0 Qtopia running and built using the pdaXrom base and build system.

Quick install instruction
Download and rename zImage.5000 (for SL-5000D) or zImage.5500 (for Sl-5500)to zImage, copy zImage and initrd.bin to CF FAT16 formatted, insert it in Z, and flash rom by C+D and reset (like as normal ROM) (read more here



Bug reporting
Please take this as extreme testing - but feel free to post anything you find here in this forum.

This project was built by the pdaXrom team - feel free to donate using our donation homepage.
My congratulations - pdaxrom team managed to release Qtopia 2.1 ROM before Trolltech smile.gif

I will have to go back today and get my 5000D on the charger ASAP.
Juice it up for the PDAxROM qith Qtpia 2.1

Congrats to the team.
Sweet. Do you plan to do a version for the cxx0 zauri?
well I am not familiar with sharproms at all, but gave this image a try. There is no task bar there for me. I also cant see any possibility to mount/unmount my CF Card. My Asus WL-110 Wavelan card is also not found. I get a message about missing the orinoco_cs module.
It seems to automount my CF Memory card.
My ext2 Kingston SD card is also automounted and i can see the files on that.
Is there anything else I should test, before I switch back to ???
First tests,

- Screen sometimes shows horizontal lines on tabs.
- Package intalations through ipk install command work fine.
- Package manager does not let install local ipks, I dont know about remote since there are not bluetooth pan applets or any wizard for bluetooth.(I only use network with bluetooth, will try sometime with commandline, since the my d-link bluetooth adaptor seems to be recogniced)
- If I try to eject the bluetooth card without stoping bluetooth the system freezes.
- There are no drivers included for the sharp camera.
I installed the camera-support ipk and know the card is found and the driver loaded but it complains about the tainted kernel. Qpe-camera-2.1 does not finds the camera allthough
- The interface seems speedy.
Excuse me but where is 5600 image?
My impressions: First of all great work, with a few minor fixes, I would run as primary ROM. Here are my issues:

1) Time resets on suspend (This doesent appear to happen all the time)
2) Console messages default to std out (This seems to have been the case in all TT code since 1.6.2)
3) There seems to be a ram disk set up, but it is not mounted. And I am unsure the device name to use to mount it, as well as the mount point. I am assuming the mount point is /mnt/user, but I dont know the device name. I know the space is there, because it is reported in the System Info app under the data tab. Currently it looks like 46 MB is available. I could be missing the boat here.
4) No clock aplet on the task bar, and I have not found a downloadable one in the feed. (Not an issue, I just wasent searching for the package right.
5) No available cf monitor from the feed. I actually thought that in 2.1.0, they had a unified cardmon app, nothing works though. (same as above)
6) Very little network card support. No orinco drivers installed.
7) No local package installation options in the GUI. ipkg install works from the CLI.

Some great things:
- runs as root
- root is r/w
- snapier
- cleaner graphics (Hourglass icon)
- Alarm does work even though time is reset on suspend

Is this something that is going to get some updates from the PDAXROM crew, or was this a proof of concept?
There are applets for clock and carmonitor,
qpe-clockapplet_2.1.0_sharp.ipk and qpe-cardmon_2.1.0_sharp.ipk.
5600 compatible??
I decided to be brave and flash tonight with this image.

Good news is it flashed OK, No problems with the flash or inital boot.

USB Networking works.
Suspend and Resume works (And quite quickly seeming)
Notes could read a text file off my SD once I mounted it.
SSH (once I set a root password)
Seems fast

Not Working:
WIFI Does not work with my Netgear MA701
SD Card does not auto-mount (It thinks its EXT3)

Console messages do show up like reported above.
When available Cxxx?

Can I help ?
Hi pdaXrom team
Is this rom competible with 5600s?
If not will it be available in near future?
If not, how can we help to port this ROM to 5600?
seems as if the orinoco driver is missing. Is there any way to get this added to the image?
This sure as heck seems faster....
I tried the ROm, and it looks great. But it didn't come up with a tray for me (5000d) and that kind of got me off to a bad start as a newbie. Hey, I know it said extreme, but it was worth a try!
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