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Full Version: What Structure In Ipk For Icons Etc For Rc8?
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Just compiled qbedic as a replacement for ZBedic that I used on Sharp ROM and am working through my list of 'must have' apps to find ways of building native X versions. qbedic was really easy to build. - it's fast and looks better than ZBedic on the Sharp ROM (well the font rendering etc. is better anyway).

This is the first application that I'm considering making an IPK for and I was wondering if there's a documented structure for the IPK stating what files should go where and why they are there ?

I just pulled the ROX IPK apart to have a look at where the icons may be stored and was surprised that there is a helluva lot of duplication, maybe this wasn't the best one to pick but if anyone has a clear set of instructions for 'what goes where' for an RC8 IPK then I think it would be really handy.


- Andy
Actually sorry to post this here if there's a better place to discuss PDAXROM development stuff. I don't think the 'Linux Applications' forum is the best place.

Is it about time we got a forum for development and porting related stuff for PDAXROM ?
If what you talk about is what is necessary for you ipk to put an icon on the desktop and the menu , what you need is a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications and an icon in /usr/share/pixmaps.

If the duplicates you are talking about are /usr/apps, If i remember well these are the entry for the rox desktop that was use originally in pdaxrom (and that is still available, and that I think sash like it and might still be using it).
Well, first, if you want to make an ipk, it's good to read some info about the structure of the ipk file. Here is what I read about it. The important part, I think, is the dependency. It's not in the SDK tutorial on the pdaXrom site.
Download some ipk, unpack and examine them.

And about where to put the files:
Most of the program can be installed this way: $ make DESTDIR=/some/where install
Then you have the filestructure that the program likes.
People who makes ipk-s for the unstable feed usually place stuff in the /usr/local dir. So, this is the prefix and you can place binaries in bin, binaries that can only be executed by root in the sbin dir, libs in the lib, etc.
Examine the files in /usr/share/applications. Create one file like that for your program. Place its icon in the /usr/share/pixmaps.

I think that's all. Correct me if I am mistaken or if I left out something important.

Zumi smile.gif
Thanks guys, that's cleared that one up.
Though pdaxrom specific documentation is scarce, there are some worf on how to create an ipk on the SDK Tutorial

One step that is easy to forget (and that I forgot in my ipk for cvs) is to strip the binaries
using armv5tel-linux-strip, stripping remove some things that are not normally used for executing the program and reduce the size of the exe (it saves a lot of space).
Normally this does break anything

Another note, sometimes the make file used for installing the applications does not use the DESTDIR variable. Then you will perhaps need to look into the makefile or worst install the application keep track of what files are installed (for instance make install 2>&1 > install.log) and then manually copy the file and reproduce the tree where you build your ipk.
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