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Full Version: Just Ordered My 1st Zaurus: C860.
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I just ordered my 1st Zaurus: the C860. So what do you recommend for me as a newbie? I will use it for programming, and download any possible game I can get my hands on. My first devices were Palm OS devices and then Pocket PCs. I just sold my LOOX 720 to get my hands on a Zaurus.
Then another dump answer by specifying the area of interest here.
QUOTE(freizugheit @ Jan 8 2005, 02:16 AM)
Then another dump answer by specifying the area of interest here.

Another dump answer? Sorry, I don't understand what you just said...
I think what freizugheit is asking for is for you to specify the areas of interest where you are looking for recommendations...
Ohhh ok. Thanks for letting me know. I'm really not sure. Well I want to use it for C#, JAVA, and C++ programming, looking up offline websites that I have downloaded, and PDF documents. The ROM would be a good area of recommendation. I think the ROM I choose will make a difference because I think I will eventually use it w/a SDIO Wi-Fi card. Isn't there compatibility issues depending on the ROM you use? Best programs I should download, etc. Any ideas?
I read in this forum that at the moment there only were a beta driver for SDIO wifi cards which should work only on standard sharp roms as it's a binary only driver (SD consortium won't open their specs)
Beta only? I thought Beta was done away with in early December? Any idea when the beta will become a final release?
Look at the pinned thread in the software subforum
Hey thanks for the reply. I've been so busy and backed up w/tasks and school. This looks like a good start...
I don't have an 860, but I've read a lot of people here like PdaXrom.
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