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Full Version: Zync 0.2.2 Released
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Hey, everyone! zync v0.2.2 has just been released in source and RPM forms. This release now supports Authentication. Hence, you can now synchronize your Zaurus even if its passcode is set. This release also has updated the README and added an example config in the source tarball. However, I suggest you install the latest version of zync-gui and use that to configure and run zync.

This release also tries to fix the problem that some people have been having with zync and zync-gui not being able to find the libraries that are installed.

Please go grab the latest versions of the zync, zync-gui and any of the plugins at
What does it currently sync to on the desktop?

I've seen the Korganiser ToDo plugin, but was wondering about the Calendar and Addressbook.

Do you mean Kontact when you say Korganiser? With the recent KDE releases, mail addressbook, calendar and todo list have all been merged into Kontact. The calendar and todo list were always in Korganiser, but the addressbook has always been separate.

Nice work though.
Yes, you are correct KOrganizer, KAddressBook, etc have been moved into Kontact. However, they are all still individual applications, Kontact is just a gui wrapper for all of them.

This release currently only synchronizes the To-Do list with KOrganizers To-Do list (same as Kontacts To-Do list). Note, this is NOT a silly one way sync or anything like that. This is actual synchronization with full conflict management controls, passcode authentication, etc. Adding Address Book and Calendar support is nothing really.

I however need this tested so I can find the problems before implementing Address Book and Calendar (both which are very easy and should take a very very short time to implement). I just need testing done. I know most people use Address Book more than To-Do but I use To-Do all the time hence, why I implemented it first.
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