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What games are you playing with your Z?smile.gif
I downloaded dopewars from the zaurus software index the other night... that's been amusing me.
full throttle with scummvm, lgeneral, heretic, raiden (tg16)

is there a version of advmame out for the rc5/rc8?

zangband (lvl 32 elf).
scumm(vm) adventures (Day Of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, The Curse Of Monkey Island, ecc), Powermanga, Kobo, Sensible Soccer (snes9x)
Hi to everyone,

hope you have started good in this new year ... I'm starting really good - one reason is new pdaXrom RC8 - :-)

Are there some links to get somewhere about this nice adventures ... maybe it is possible to get a new section on pdaXrom with links some inside? Or maybe it is possible to get a pinned thread in Forum?

Good luck again for pdaXrom in new year 2005 :-)
the best way is googleing around, or looking in some p2p network. Most of those are abandonware, and absolutely, legally free.

I'm noticing that, actually, The Curse Of Monkey Island is a bit slow sad.gif
640x480 motion, sometimes, is too heavy. Anyway, it's really enjoyable smile.gif
the best way is googleing around, or looking in some p2p network.

how i wish a gentle webmaster would rise and bring a zsi like website devoted to pdaxrom... has become such a mess ! I hope the new website is still on the way smile.gif
What mess?

Not much documentation ok, but a mess?

If you need something even more clear, take a look at the pinned thread named "Feed changes" to see where the ipks for pdaxrom are available.

Scummvm is available in the unstable feed

ScummVM is an emulator that requires the original games (which i don't think are totally legaly free but the editors don't seem to care very much) which are easily found on the internet via google with something like abandonware + name of the game.

As it is not totally legal i'm not sure it is a good thing for the games to be available on . The Scummvm site does'nt propose them,
not even link to them.
why whouldn't it be legal? I mean, no reason to have scummvm stuff in pdaxrom distro site, but no legal issues not to have it. Just a matter of consistence, I think. Abandonware is legally free, as "abandoned" software. NOT only abandonware titles are runnable with scummvm, but that's another pair of shoes...
Because it's the fansplaying the games that invented the term abandonware, not the editors.

Though some editors have indeed gave up their rights most of the old games are still copyrighted and having or distributing such games is illegal.

see what is said on
wikipedia or this this site
actually, I googled a bit and you're right

basically, we need that the publisher esplicitally frees his products

going to find some publisher statement to bring you some really legal abandonware
hint: lucas arts classics are sold in compilations for a few dollars. Just buy those compilation and everything will be right. Scummvm let's you play also demos, so you can try before buy wink.gif
Sad to hear is a mess ;-)

Btw. the new website is still a work in progress - i could easily whip up a new site but i wan't to do it right and think it through and make perfect now.

Strangely enough there is no complete CMS/Wiki system for software sites - they are all news related.. :-)

I will be building it all from bottom.
we got rc8 -- we have plenty to keeps us occupied.


Hi :-)

Is it possible to create a pinned thread for ideas to new pdaXrom Website?

Maybe many/some people will help to develope / give ideas and fill it with contents
... me too, but only have time after 21th jan. upto 14th feb. ...

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