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Full Version: Imageon 100 Acceleration
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Does anyone know exactly how much acceleration we get out of the Imageon 100?

For instance, the Imageon 100 is supposed to support hardware MPEG-4 decoding, but do any of the video players actually take advantage of it? Actually... is the support in the kernel in the first place?

I'm just curious whether transcoding all videos to MPEG-4 format might give bigger performance improvements that I might expect. :-)
I think acceleration is enabled (for example with mplayer on OZ, pdaXrom, etc.), however due to the small amount of RAM in the chipset, only small (not fullscreen) videos can be accelerated.

At least that's my understanding, but I'd be happy if someone could provide some more technical details/ideas/etc.

uhh, pardon my ignorance, but does the C700 have the I100 ?

which of the zaurus line have/doesnt have it ?
The whole corgi family has the W100 - C700, C750, C760, C860

The C3000 and the 6000 have different graphic subsystems.
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