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Title: A Zaurus User's Perspective On Pocket Pc
Post by: bluedevils on February 11, 2005, 04:06:40 pm
So my 760's sound module died and I didn't want to use the 6000 as a pda.  I would rather wait for a new Z model to come out.  My solution was to buy a cheap pda as an interim solution until the fabled 960 clamshell with wifi and bluetooth built in.  The 5500 was the first PDA I ever owned so this is the first time ever owning a non zaurus PDA.  I didn't choose a palm because the tungsten E was bigger and didn't have wireless.  I do know the stock PIM is much better.

The rx3115 hardware is not bad.  I never complained about the 760's size, but it was so nice to be able to put it in a pocket (case included).  I usually carried the 760 and even the 5500 on a belt case.  The screen is nice for what it is supposed to be, but it I think I've been spoiled with the VGA screens.  Surfing the web is so painful it actually hurts.  The screen is definitely better than the 5500.  Wifi and bluetooth both work great and battery life is pretty good considering the battery is comparable to the 5500.  Using a software keyboard and not a hardware keyboard is annoying, but not crippling.  If I was doing more than adding contacts or appointments it would be unacceptable.

Editted-I use to believe that not having wifi and blueooth built in was not a big thing, but with the 6000 and this unit, I find it soo convenient.  Think of it this way, isn:t so convenient having the keyboard built into the Zaurus?

Part 2 the real comparison - software:

follow up when I get home from work
Title: A Zaurus User's Perspective On Pocket Pc
Post by: bluedevils on February 11, 2005, 06:19:58 pm

The pocket PC software has some slicker touches.  When I do a tap and hold there is a visual cue that the hold timer is working (a circular animation around the pen touch).  This would be a nice feature to incorporate.  The overall feel seems more responsive and it isn:t due to the fact that the close button only puts it into the back ground (sort of like the fastload option).  HP has an ITask function that allows you to close apps.  Syncing to outlook was easy with activesync.  I like how I can make a change on either PC or PDA and the change can be seen on the corresponding device within a second.  No sync button required.  The device can be set to be password protected with an alphanumeric login.  It can also be set to not prompt you for a login if you use the device within a set time period after you turned it off (ie turn off device and turn on within 30 min = no prompt, but use after being off for more than 30 min and you will need to log back in.

The rest of the OS I prefer the Zaurus.  I found that configuring things is totally non intuitive even if you were no a linux user.  You have to turn on wifi before you can access the settings page for wifi.  You cannot edit a wifi connection's wep keys.  You can only put in the wep key when you make a new connection.  In the past people have complained about the stock Zaurus PIMs, but this doesn:t seem any better to me.  Tasks/todos default to 8am for alarms.  You can't change it!  If I want to remember to pickup milk after work, I have to make an appointment.  The calendar does come with a stock today screen.  The month view is better on the Z because it has text, whereas the pocket pc has coloured blocks.  Contacts is nice and you can send an email by tapping on the contact's email address.  Internet explorer pales in comparison to opera or netfront, but to be fair, I have never seen a 320x240 netfront.

part 3 software apps like office, nevo, mobile media..... soon to come
Title: A Zaurus User's Perspective On Pocket Pc
Post by: V-Man on February 11, 2005, 11:37:52 pm
I thought I would chime in here with my comparison (SL5500 Zaurus, HP 2210 iPaq).

The iPaq really shines in the screen.  Both displays are 240x320, but the iPaq is much brighter and the color rendition seems better.

The iPaq is better in battery life.

I really miss the hardware keyboard of the Zaurus when I use the iPaq.  The handwriting recognition of the iPaq is better (quicker, but about the same accuracy).  On the iPaq, I can write anywhere on the screen.

Software wise, the stuff on the Z wins hands down.  I use the Sharp 3.10 rom.  The stock calendar on the iPaq sucks beyond belief.  It is even worse than the stock Sharp calendar.  You CANNOT use the iPaq as an effecient sheduler without spending $50.00 for Pocket Informant or Agenda Fusion (I use Pocket Informant).  The multimedia stuff is better on the iPaq.  The freeware BetaPlayer (iPaq) is great for videos in divx format.  I really wish this was available for the Z.  The music player quality is about the same.  The Z will allow me to set up parameters for as many WiFi networks as I want.  The iPaq will only allow one.  This is a show stopper.  I use the same Netgear WiFi card for both PDA's.  The amount of freeware and the developer support for those programs on the Z is phenomanol!  The iPaq does not have the same quality and quantity of freeware.  The iPaq has a butt load of pay software, most (in my opinion) high quality.  Most of the pay software has an equivalent free version for the Z, but you may have to search a bit to find it.  Syncing with M$ Outlook 2000 has been flawless with both the Z and the iPaq.  The only flaw with the Z is that the ip address of the M$ machine has to end in .01, with the iPaq, it can be any ip (this is for wireless sync only).  The iPaq cannot sync with linux ever.  The Z can, but it takes a bit of work to get it set up right.

Overall, if they took the screen from the iPaq and put it on the Z, if somebody ported BetaPlayer to the Sharp 3.10 rom, and if the Z had the battery life of the iPaq, the Z would be as perfect as one could get.  

I can supply more detailed info if anyone is interested.