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Title: Qpegps
Post by: craigtyson on April 04, 2005, 07:49:37 pm
Just instaled qpeGPS and am mightely impressed with its functionality even without a GPS unit.  I can now do most of my route planning / mapping tasks on my Zaurus.  Next step is to make the little cross move without using the cursor keys so I guess Il need a gps unit.  Whats good (or bad) out there ?

Title: Qpegps
Post by: dreadlocks on April 05, 2005, 01:33:34 am
I dont have one yet, but as soon as I find the cash I am going to get me a HAiCOM HI-303MMF.. it can interface with the Zaurus via CF, Serial and on your device maby even with USB..
Should be able to pick it up for arround $100

http://www.buygpsnow.com/item.aspx?itemid=91 (http://www.buygpsnow.com/item.aspx?itemid=91)

I also believe it has a built in battery, so it wont drain your Z battery as quickly as other CF devices