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Title: The Keyboard... What's Goin On?
Post by: Sequethin on April 05, 2006, 04:56:14 pm
The more I use the zaurus the more I get annoyed at the keymap. I can handle , and / being the same key, that's no big deal. But " and & and ^ are all in the wrong place. Drives me nuts! I'm currently in the process of hookin up my various rc files to help make life on the z console less frustrating. So far I have been making good use of the meta key (which is the key to the right of Ctrl ). It's so much easier to scroll in vim with Meta U than CTRL D, and a lot easier to access Meta 0 than CTRL W to get to vim's window features.

Has anyone (I guess that means you andy ) gotten anything useful out of the calendar/address/mail/etc buttons ? Looks like they send ^[  (esc) and some key sequence. Calendar is mapped to ^[[11~ for example. It would be nice to run cal with calendar and mutt with mail, etc. maybe remap the Home button to cd?

(EDIT-- Hahaha thinking about it on the way home it was actually easier than I thought to remap those keys. Simple bindkey -s . Now the hard part is figuring out whether I want to keep the calendar button as just cal, or maybe use calendar to print something from calendar.discord or..... oh the possibilities! haha)

While I'm on the subject, whats up with the button between Meta and - ?  (the button directly above the Mail button). Seems like a waste of a perfectly good button to me!

Of course most of my real zaurus work is done from Terminal.app anyway... but I can't stop striving for the perfect all around experience.