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Title: Mount A Cf 4 Gbyte Card
Post by: climber on August 25, 2006, 04:04:17 am
I have bought a CF 4GB Card from SanDisk. When i put the card into the cf slot then it seems that the new card "New Card: ATA/IDE Fixed Disk" is identified and possibly mounted. But when I got to "/mnt/cf" there is nothing mounted "NotAvailable". I see the new card only at the "Setting" tab [System Info / Devices / CF Slot / Socket 0 / ...].

What has to be done to get this 4 GByte CF card working. When I take a look at the signature of some members  they have a 4GByte cf card working  (for example Meanie with 4 GByte cf card from Kingston).

So I think it should work however I don 't know what I have to do. I hope someone can help me.


SL-C3100 & Cacko 1.23