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Title: Broken Touchscreen
Post by: hhhcz on March 24, 2007, 05:43:07 pm
I can't believe i did it, but... i just broke the touchscreen of my sl6000  
While cleaning the LCD with cleaning liquid, i sprayed the liquid directly on the screen (yeah, i know i shouldn't have done that...) and guess what happened: some of the liquid directly infiltrated between the touchscreen panes. And now the touchscreen is not working anymore.
I'm pretty sure there is no way to repair it...
So, i'm looking for a replacement LCD. If someone has got spare parts for the sl6000 (from a broken zaurus?) and is willing to sell them, i would really appreciate to be able to buy an LCD part...
Thanks for your help
Title: Broken Touchscreen
Post by: speculatrix on March 26, 2007, 02:35:13 am
hmm, that is very bad news. I wouldn't totally give up hope, if you leave the 6000 is a slightly warm place, it might dry out enough to at least partly work again.

I do know Guylhem had a spare screen, but they're rare enough to be worth over US$100