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Title: Openbsd Trouble Compiling
Post by: jocasmi on September 08, 2007, 05:33:56 am
Hi, I've used OpenBsd in many occassions, and now I want to return again to it, having seen that a lot of people have interest on OpenBSD, and Developers are doing a great work, with big respect to the Zaurus Community.

So I get the last snapshot in my home PC.

I want to be able to use in my desktop the common apps that I use in my zaurus daily.

So I start to set up the environment to compile the apps from source, in order to get Kde pwmanager (there's no port of package for it).

The first issue appears when compiling qt-x11, because pwmanager wants a specific version, and also because OpenBSD puts libraries in a different dir than Linux does.

After setting the QTDIR in .profile, i was able to successfully compile QT.

When I back to compile Kde pwmanager, the ./configure complains about the system doesn't have nor libjpeg6b neither libbzip2 installed, and then stops with a warning of "fatal error can't configure".

These libraries are installed from their sources.

I don't understand why ./configure  doesn't find them. I'm care about that such a case may repeat with other compilation and other libraries.

Any OpenBSD user could tell me if this is an isolated issue, or something general that needs to be configured in a different way?

Thanks in advance.