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Title: Installing Titchylinux Using Usb Lan Dongle
Post by: tux on September 29, 2007, 10:24:59 pm
 I managed to break the system while playing about with reinstalling the gui system.  So making the best of a bad job I thought I'd try using my USB Lan dongle during the install. When the network detection step occurred I used alt + r to get into a console. I then used modprobe ohci-hcd. I then got back to the installer environment by cycling through the consoles.  

Then I chose network detection again. It gave me some message about needing usbstorage module, which I agreed to. Network configuratiion then took place with the usual about setting the IP information by hand.

I've now successfully chosen the mirror and the installer is putting the base system in place.  

I'm inclined to think that this is the same sort of procedure that you follow if you have to use USB through your desktop/laptop to connect to the network. Obviously the steps to configure that need doing at both ends of the connection. The details appear in the comments section at Neil's site

I believe that using a CF wired lan card would work smoothly through the usual install steps without needing to get into a separate console. It works with CF card without needing any fiddles.