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Title: Elsix account now again active!
Post by: Varti on October 14, 2020, 12:28:17 pm

[for anyone wondering what is Elsix: it was a site which catalogued all the software available for the old Sharp Zaurus models. It was available on www.elsix.org]

Finally some good news about Elsix: after many years of inactivity, the folks at ibiblio have activated the account again. It turns out that the account was disabled some years ago and all the files were put under root's account, probably because it was insecure and unmantained. I have now been able to login there, but the site still didn't load, probably because all the php scripts must be updated in order to run under the server's PHP 7. I'm not sure how secure is the whole site, considering it was written 15 years ago, so for now I have decided to make a backup of all the files (roughly 2GB of data) and a dump of the database. The database contains more than 30000 accounts, almost all of them are probably spambots.

I don't know if the info there would still be useful to anyone, or if anyone would like to add any info about Zaurus programs and games. On the other side it would be a pity to lose all this information. So, my plan is to install there a suitable and secure CMS, and to import all the data from the old site. Additionally it could also host mirrors of all the Zaurus feeds still online, and Zaurus-related pages recovered from archive.org. This file server will be also open for any software for the Gemini or Cosmo, of course.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always.