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Title: Finer grained notification filtering?
Post by: Daniel W on December 03, 2020, 03:42:55 pm
The CoDi, when enabled, seems to wake up for any and every notification, not matter how insignificant, even if it's just AirMail polling a POP server (I should perhaps use IMAP), Google Play just looking for updates or when the persistent notification I keep of the main screen status bar (showing the date) merely refreshed itself, because midnight happened.

As the CoDi software appears to offer no level of selectivity, can I, in some meaningful way, filter notifications elsewhere in Android? Preferably, the only notifications I'd want to show up on the CoDi are those that might require my immediate attention, such as text messages, new e-mail, Bluetooh file transfer requests, severe weather warnings, hacked account alerts, incoming calls in silent mode and such, basically, the sort of things for which a plain vanilla Android slab phone would decide to wake up its (only) main screen.

Turning off notifications completely in AirMail, Google Play (do they even let you do that?) or some other offending app, wouldn't be helpful, but being able to turn off certain types of notifications, either completely or just for the CoDi, would be a good start. What are my options in Android, if any?
Title: Re: Finer grained notification filtering?
Post by: Zarhan on December 03, 2020, 05:20:54 pm
I use Notificon app for this purpose.
Title: Re: Finer grained notification filtering?
Post by: Daniel W on December 04, 2020, 03:47:28 pm
Thank you for the suggestion. Reading the description of Notificon, it mainly seems to be a "notification sound manager app". While that could be nice for other purposes, I am not sure how Notificon, could stop the CoDi from waking up when, say, AirMail is looking for mail, but still ensure it does wake up when new mail is actually found. (I should perhaps not use AirMail, it's just a convenient example).

I seem to recall that recent versions of Android should be able to tell different types of notifications from an app apart, but when I look at the settings for (again, just an example) AirMail, I just see checkboxes for "Airmail 1" and "Airmail 2", which, I suppose relates to the two e-mail accounts I have set up in AirMail. They seem to be per-account everything-or-nothing toggles, which isn't all that helpful.

Another example would be Google Play. Ideally I'd want notifications for app updates on the main screen status bar only, though I don't mind if the CoDi wakes up to tell me when there actually are updates. I do, however, not want the CoDi to wake up just because Google Play is looking for updates.

My end goal is that the CoDi should only wake up when something that might be at least a little bit urgent has happened.