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Title: Florida
Post by: 2devnull on December 08, 2003, 09:13:25 pm
I am a 26 year old father of a 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter and happily married. We live in Clermont, FL. We have 3 Netfinity servers running RHLE, two Thinkpads running Windoze 2K Pro, and some other laptops ans destops running W2K also. Anyway, I also have no time, but anyone close by do contact me. I am also awaiting my C860  

Title: Florida
Post by: ludovicus on October 26, 2004, 03:41:44 am
best regards 2dev/null

I always wanted to say that,  30yo zaurii addict myself.  My folks live not to far from clermont.  Are you making a ZUG in those parts?  Well let me know, tryn to get my wife interested in Zaurus, she loves her iPAQ.  I don't do IT for a living so my level of proficiency is definately not on the hardcore aspect to any degree.   If your up to a Starbucks ZUG meetup lemme know.  I'll buy the espresso.

wifi allaround and dreaming of the gprs cf accessorie.