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Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: Adam on October 05, 2004, 12:47:19 pm
I am living in Japan and have been a zaurus c750 user for ages...(user name ads but forgotten my password hence this is in guest section).

Anyone interested in buying brand new (English flashed if desired cacko or pdaxrom) c860s

Delivered to USA and Europe for $600

I think I can do it for this price...cheaper than dynamism by a long shot.

What do you think? If there is enough interest ...and I can persuade you all by giving address and phone number and a safe payment method....guarantee?

Just testing the water
Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: ads on October 05, 2004, 12:51:00 pm
ps that was me
Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: Violator on October 05, 2004, 03:39:23 pm
I would be interested but cannot afford an upgrade from my sl5500 just yet. I have been watching a few 860s going on ebay for a while and was tempted by one that went for about £330. If only Sharp would drop the price a bit then I would definitely upgrade. I have used a few different Roms on the 5500 but always go back to Sharp 3.13 due to problems getting sync working to Outlook on PC. I have contacts and calendar sync and also have wireless internet/email or link to mobile using GPRS when out and about. I like the look and feel of OZ 3.51 but don't have the time to get sync working and find internet/email progs that work as well as QTMail and Opera. I would love to try an 860 and run QTRDesktop at 640x480, but I will just have to wait for a while.
Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: uczmeg on October 06, 2004, 04:37:02 am
$600 delivered is actually more than getting one from PriceJapan. About the same with their Payal fees.

The advantages with PJ are they a known quantity.

The advantages of using you are you'll do the conversion.

Both will have possible import taxes and VAT.

Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: dhns on October 06, 2004, 05:08:12 am
and Europe for $600
Issues to consider for direct delivery to Europe:

* Import tax for PDAs is 0% but VAT adds (some 16-21% depending on country)
* Import rules need a valid CE approval (similar to FCC compliance) which means that the devices comply with certain standards (well, we know they do, but a user might have to proove by a certificate)
* how to handle warranties/repairs - standard implied warranty in the EU is 24 months

-- hns
Title: Sale c860 s
Post by: ads on October 09, 2004, 02:05:46 pm

See what your saying....well the offers open if anyone wants to take me up on it, but I'd check out price Japan if you want the absolute rock bottom price!

thanks for your comments