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For Sale / Wanted / C1000, Wifi And Other Stuff For Sale
« on: September 04, 2007, 11:57:25 pm »
Well I've found that I'm using my C1000 less and less as I am sitting at a desk more and more (and my eyes are getting worse and worse...  )

So I've decided it's time to part with it.

C1000, Planex wifi, CompUSA usb ehternet, 2 AC adapters, all the port covers, spare screen protector and USB host cable. All in perfect shape. Screen is scratch free and no pixel problems.  Currently flashed with Cacko.
*edit* Ooops. A price would be good, wouldn't it ?
I'm looking to get $385 - but I'm willing to deal. 

Shipping inside the US would be $10 (UPS insured) outside the US at whatever USPS Priority Express & Insured would be. I can give you a quote if you'd like.

I can do PayPal without a problem, I'll take a money order as well.

If you have any questions - fire away. Thanks for looking.
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This post is fairly old, but if it is not sold I am interested. The only problem is I can get a new C-1000 for about $390 including shipping from one of the Japanese export places. It would be great if you could drop the price down. To give you a perspective, I can get a used C-1000 with a warranty for $298 from


For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: C1000 + Accesories - Sold!
« on: August 18, 2007, 06:18:07 pm »
Having one too many toys (okay, probably more than one), and using the c1000 less and less,  I'm selling my c1000.

Included is a Linksys wireless 802.11b CF card, CF bluetooth card, USB adapter, power cord, 256M SD card, 256M CF card, stylus. Hentges ROM installed.

Minor scratches on one corner, slight scuff marks on cover.

$250 including shipping.
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How old is your c1000 and where would you be shipping it from? What kind of payment?


Sharp ROMs / Hybrid Rom documentation
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:41:40 pm »
OK ... So tell me where can I upload it... I'm looking for your comments also ...
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I sent you a PM.
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Has anything happened here?
I'm currently playing with the Hybrid ROM as it appears to be the fastest and most stable so far (haven't got around to using TK one).  However, I can't get WEP to work (insecure connections are fine) and it only has prism2 drivers (can't install hostap ipk for some reason).  Other options are always welcome.
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There is a thread on the machine specific thread for the 5x00 ROMs on the hybrid. I put it there since it is very specific to the Collie and no longer a ROM development issue.


5x00 General discussions / Suspend Not Working In Oz
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:35:39 pm »
I'm running Hentges rom, with lots of cool stuff added after the fact ... but when i hold cancel to suspend my Z, it freezes and I have to flip the battery switch.  Not cool.  Anyone else have this problem, know how to further troubleshoot it, or even fix it?
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Yes, it was a VERY BIG problem for me. That is why I do not use that ROM anymore.


5x00 General discussions / Hybrid Roms On The Collie
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:33:55 pm »
I finally installed KOPI 2.2.7. It generally works well. I do have some problems with it losing the link once in a while, but nothing too problematic.

There is one problem folks should know about that I have experienced both times I have used this distribution. Once my collie is suspended, it does not like to wake up again. it will wake, but then drop back to sleep. sometimes it will take several times to re-awaken it. While this is not a big problem by itself, it is quite embarrassing when you have to start up your pim quickly only to have to fight it to stay on. Sometimes it is easier to turn the battery switch in the back than fight it.


5x00 General discussions / I'm Obsolete
« on: July 29, 2007, 11:56:36 pm »

Can you tell me if your Belkin CF wifi card support WPA?

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I believe the Belkin card does support WPA. I managed to get on a WPA protected system once, but have failed all other times. It could be the card, but I think it is more likely the software.


5x00 General discussions / Angstrom On Collie
« on: July 26, 2007, 08:10:13 pm »
I noticed that there are new Angstrom images that were posted earlier this month. Are any of these functional? There is an X11 and a glibc test image. Could any of these be used with current Angstrom software?
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Anything that [a href=\"]is not working[/url] is documented in the bug tracker taking the collie as an example.  Support really varies greatly by device.  Anything C3x00 has been in daily use by a number of devs for many months or even well over a year.  Angstrom targets a lot of devices, some are fully usable, others not at this point in time.
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Rolf, or whoever can answer;

I have been watching the Angstrom page, especially supported devices portion. Under the Collie portion, it says it is ready for users (I assume this means for end-users). Yet, when I click on the ZaurusCollie link on the supported devices matrix, it shows nearly half the functions in red. The supported device matrix was last updated recently and the ZaurusCollie page was updated a month ago. Also, it has a question mark under "bootloader" category. So, what does this all mean. Is it [the Collie] ready for casual use? Also, is the Collie classified as ARM-OABI or ARM4V? What is the distinction?

Thank you for your help.


5x00 General discussions / Hybrid Roms On The Collie
« on: July 26, 2007, 07:33:02 pm »
OPIE Reader version 1.0.3 works and can be installed on the SD card.
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I still have the necessary build files to make Opie-reader for Qtopia > 1.5.x (e.g. this ROM and the Qtopia 2.something one from TrollTech.) Let me know if you want a more up to date build (and if the problem with SD card install is related to the plug-ins I can give you one with the plug-ins built-in, too).
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I would LOVE to have a more up-to-date build. I use this program often.



5x00 General discussions / Hybrid Roms On The Collie
« on: July 26, 2007, 07:31:41 pm »
Recently, I had time to install a media player. This was an ordeal since OPIE 1.0.3 and OPIE2 1.0.3 media players do not install or work well. Here are the exact files that do not work well:

opie-mediaplayer2_0.9.1-20020822_arm.ipk or one of the variants

These players install and sometimes work and sometimes don't, but they are always unstable. They crash at the drop of a hat. The version of OPIE media player that does work is:


This some some kind of re-compiled version that is all in one. It does not required the codec files (to my knowledge) or installation of any of the OPIE libraries.

I have also tried XMMS. While it works great with OPIE and OZ, it generally crashes at startup.

My next project is KOPI 2.2.7.


5x00 General discussions / Hybrid Roms On The Collie
« on: July 14, 2007, 01:47:19 am »
I am really excited that folks have been documenting installation tricks for the various ROMS: pdaXrom, TKC roms, Cacko Crow, etc.  Because these folks have helped so much with thier efforts, I feel I should give a bit. So here are my install tricks. There are two versions of this ROM, but I will focus my comments on version 1.1. I have not had any success with the version 1.0 of this ROM.

First, after much reading, I actually discovered what the Hybrid ROMs are. Maslovsky can correct me, but in plain English (sort of), these ROMS are the the Cacko ROMS on a JFFS partition. Version 1.0 is just the kernel and jffs installed. The user has to install the actiual operating system. Qtopia 1.5.4 is the OS that comes with it. Qtopia can be installed on the jffs, sd card or the CF card.

Version 1.1 of the Hybrid ROM installs qtopia 1.6.2 on a jffs partition. This schema is very similar to OZ. Like the other Cacko kernels, the Hybrid ROMs come with 32-30 or 64-0 kernels. Unlike the straight Cacko Crow kernels, the Hybrid ROMs do not have that irritating flashing light when the Z is plugged in. And, for some reason, they are much faster than the Cacko Crow ROM with the 64-0 kernel.

The hybrid roms can be obtained here:
Applications modified for this ROM can also be found as the same address. The file is called:  

Hancom applications and Jeode for the hybrid ROMs can be found here: ttp://

Installation (version 1.1): Same as any other ROM. Be sure to format your SD card as ext2. This ROM is not as picky with SD cards as OZ. I have used a lexar, pqi, panasonic and sandisk with success. However, the pqi and sandisk resulted in periodic crashes.

When you are ready to install software, after flashing, you have the choice of installing onto the jffs or sd card. Some of the software can only be on the jffs. Here is what I found:

Hancom Mobile Word and presenter can be installed on the SD card. Hancom Sheet needs to be installed on the jffs.

Jeode has to be installed on the jffs.

I don't exactly remember, but I think Opera needs to be installed on the jffs as well. Opera is flaky on this ROM, but usable. Only opera_sl-5x00-7.30.9965_arm.ipk or lower works for this ROM.

If you want screen rotation, the qpe-rotation ipk and qt-embedded fonts (all of them) from the file need to be installed on the jffs. Out of habit, I also install the files
qt-embedded-rotation_2.3.2-4_arm.ipk and qt-embedded-rotation-fix_2.3.2-4_arm.ipk on the jffs. I'm not sure these do anything for screen rotation on the hybrid.

KOPI works nicely on this ROM. I install it on the SD card. The version I use is 2.2.7

OPIE Reader version 1.0.3 works and can be installed on the SD card.

Of the media players, I have had the most success with the OPIE2 media player. This can also be installed on the SD card.

Most other files can be installed on the SD/MMC card.

As far as stability, this ROM crashes about the same number of times as OZ It also has some issues. Opera periodically crashes. All of the media players periodically crash, although that may have been due to a bad SD card. It has also crashed once when pressing the suspend button. I gave up on it in March after it had crashed when trying to enter a date on KOPI. However, OZ has done the same things. Moreover, I use the cheapest SD cards, so I should expect this kind of behavior.

That is what I can share now. I used this ROM for six months last school year with a fair amount of success. It is by far the most functional ROM that I have used to date. From March through June I re-tried OZ and the various home-on-sd roms by Steven and just now have come back to the hybrid. Presently, I have no software installed other than some the the qtopia 1.6.2 apps and the usb mass storage app. . As I find tricks, techniques and anything else useful I will post them on this thread.


5x00 General discussions / I'm Obsolete
« on: July 13, 2007, 08:57:39 pm »
Yeah, the Collie is obsolete, but so is all the Zaurii family. Yet, when I use my Collie, it is so much more advanced than my Palm m515. While finding a stable operating system is a pain on a Collie, it is impossible on my Palm. At least people are working on the new and the old. There is still much to be excited about: Angstrom, pdaXrom and folks who are still making custom ROMS, even if they have old code.


Hell, you're one of the most obsolete user I ever hear about  (joke)  

You got a solid heavy machine   . Unfortunatelly, such model can't be found in my area.

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5x00 General discussions / Tkc/sharp 3.13 Roms W/ 2 Gig Sd/home Fix
« on: July 03, 2007, 08:56:47 am »
Thanks for the info..

Just flashed and the ssh keys are being generated. I'll reboot with the SD card in to see if it still recognises my 512 card. Then I'll go and get a 2 gig card. Just to be lazy, will I need to mess about with the block sizes when I format it? Or can I just run the prep-home-sd script?

I'll catch you later.

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#cd /mnt/cf
#./ -s 20 -t -c

Wait a minute...didn't you come up with those directions three years ago in a previous post  

But I do have a question for folks. I installed everything, ran the script and so far everything runs great. However, my Z no longer recognizes my Belkin wifi card. I plug it in and the green link light goes on, but the network app says there is no card. I've had this problem with the modified tkc rom as well. I am using a slightly different kernel, the asyncio kernel. However, this shouldn't change anything since it is the kernel used by the Sharp ROM with async enabled.

Any easy solutions?


5x00 General discussions / Tkc/sharp 3.13 Roms W/ 2 Gig Sd/home Fix
« on: July 03, 2007, 12:07:50 am »
I downloaded the attachments (please Santa can this problem with attachments be solved by this Christmas?  ) and immediately ran into difficulties.

Are the files actually of type gz? If so what options did you use to tar them up.? My desktop gui archive manager says there is a problem and bottles out. If I fiddle about a bit I get an empty directory.  

I suppose I could just substitute the updated/upgraded module by hand, but the initrd, especially with the version for sharprom to allow home on SD was very attractive!

Oh well, I suppose I should go and play with the command line and the downloaded files.


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I gzip'ed them before uploading them.  No tar, just ungzip them & then rename them to initrd.bin to flash them.  Sorry, I guess I could've used zip, but I normally use gzip/bzip2 to compress files.  I flashed the sharprom w/ 2gig sd module & /home on sd.  It's been running fine for 24 hours now.
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I ended up downloading the roms a couple times. One problem I had was the gzip program that I have kept saying the .gz file was corrupted. So I ultimately downloaded another un-gzipper and it worked. My Z been going for an hour without problems with the modified Sharp ROM and the asyncio kernel..


5x00 Hardware / SL-5500 Memory Limits?
« on: July 02, 2007, 08:59:35 pm »
the 2gb sd kingston didnt work, not that ive had a try to make any partitions, as it also wont read in my current card reader  (must be newer model/revision)

for reference the numbers printed are:


94110-925.AOOLF 2045871



bought of ebay new, had not more card readers that couldnt read it than could, but works in kodak digital camera.
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Are you using the modified sd driver that allows the Z to read cards of 2 gig or better? I tried it with a cacko crow rom and OZ and it worked for both. It should work for the pdaXrom as well.

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which/where is that ??
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The below link. It also worked on the hybrid ROM (tested it today).

[a href=\"][/url]


Sharp ROMs / Cacko Kernel For Sl-5500/5000d
« on: July 02, 2007, 06:35:42 pm »

Hi Chris,

I should have put org on the link not com. It is there but many of the features don't work.   

I shouldn't post past my bed time!  

I'm afraid you'll discover that a lot of the ELSIX links are to the ZUG page, which does exist, but the links to the ZUG downloads don't work!

I have grabbed the initrd.bin's that kb7??? uploaded in a thread about 2 gb Sd cards on the 5500. I hope to check them out soon

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The links on the elsix page are dead ends (to the ZUG page). However, hidden on the downloads/feed page are a bunch of "lost" software titles that seem to be hosted on that page. The upgraded home on sd card script is there. I know now what the difference is. It seems that the script went through several upgrades, the latest was test 5. It seems that that script overwrote a swap file on the ram disk. I also will be testing Steven's ROMs shortly. I have downloaded the Cacko 32-30 kernel and will be running Steven's modified tkc2 rom on top of it. I am also going to test the asyncio kernel just for kicks.


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